Donald Trump Allegedly Once Saw Congressional Staffers Of Color In The WH And Assumed That They Were The Help: “Why Don’t You Get” The Food

The worst part is -- This doesn't surprise me.

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Maggie Haberman’s new tell-all book, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, has certainly come with a heaping helping of bombshell revelations. A lot of the tea that’s been spilled thus far has come from early excerpts of the book, leaving us quite confident that this one’s going to be a doozy of epic proportions for the former guy.

But in all of the drama and scandal that’s unfolded over the last few weeks or so, there is one key thing that’s been highlighted in Maggie’s revelations — Donald Trump’s casual racism.

It’s not really a secret, at this point, that Donald Trump is a racist man. He personally made that more than a little well-known throughout his entire presidency. I mean, the man built his whole entire 2016 campaign on building a wall to keep the “illegals” out, which catered straight to the senses of his racism-fueled cult base.

But there was so much more to it than that. So much more to him. Trump’s racism wasn’t just a campaign promise to pander to his ultra Right-wing fans. It’s a personality trait for him.

Haberman highlights this fact in Confidence Man, when she tells of a January 2017 reception at the White House, hot on the heels of Trump’s inauguration, where the new president was meeting with congressional leaders, according to reporting on excerpts from Rolling Stone. 

But it wasn’t just hors d’oeuvres and canapes that were served that day. Donald Trump dished out a plateful of blatant racism.

The congressional leaders who gathered at the White House on that January day brought with them their racially diverse staffers. But it seems Donald Trump couldn’t even fathom the meme idea of the people of color actually being high-ranking, official individuals. Instead, according to Haberman, the newly-inaugurated president just assumed that anyone who wasn’t white was the help.

According to Haberman, Trump turned to the row of racially diverse congressional staffers and said, “Why don’t you get” the food?

Rolling Stone reports, “Then-White House chief of staff Reince Priebus rushed to correct Trump’s remark, telling the then-president that he’d just addressed top congressional aides before going to find the actual White House waitstaff.”

And that’s not even the extent of it. In that very same White House meeting, Trump allegedly told Schumer and Pelosi that it was ballots cast by “illegals” that ultimately cost him the 2016 popular vote to his Democratic opponent, Hilary Clinton. An awkward silence led to Pelosi stating, “I don’t believe so, Mr. President.”

Read the full report from Rolling Stone here.

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