Donald Trump Apparently Couldn’t Decide If He Even Likes His Own Son-In-Law, Called Jared Kushner “Smartest Guy” He’s Ever Met But Made Fun Of His Football Skills And Said “Ivanka Could Have Married Tom Brady”

Well, that's awkward!

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It looks like now ex-President Donald Trump has really struggled to decide whether he actually likes his son-in-law or not.

According to excerpts from New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns’s upcoming tell-all book, This Will Not Pass, Trump once referred to his eldest daughter Ivanka’s husband and then top senior advisor in his administration, Jared Kushner, as “the smartest guy I’ve ever seen in my life.” But it seems Donald’s feelings regarding his daughter’s hubby weren’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Business Insider reports on the new excerpt of the Times reporters’ forthcoming opus, and it seems that, during a round of golf with some friends in Virginia, Trump kind of struggled to express whether or not he actually cared for the guy.

Despite dubbing Kushner as “the smartest guy” he’s ever met in all his life, he went on to add of Ivanka’s hubs, “Can’t throw a football ten yards, and Ivanka could have married Tom Brady. But he’s a great kid, he’s got my back.”

The upcoming book, which Insider obtained an early copy of, details the extreme influence Donald Trump’s son-in-law truly had during his presidential administration. According to the tell-all, during one summer 2020 meeting, Kushner was responsible for mediating an argument between the then-president and his pollster Tony Fabrizio with regard to whether Trump should publicly wear a mask during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and whether he should encourage the American people to do the same, in an effort to combat the spread of the deadly virus.

“Kushner was one of the few people in Trump’s inner circle with the license to challenge the president, not that he used it often,” the authors wrote.

Also in 2020, Insider reports, “Trump replaced his former campaign manager, relative political newcomer and Kushner ally Brad Parscale, with Bill Stepien, a more experienced New Jersey-based political operative who previously worked for former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, after Trump became increasingly dissatisfied with Parscale’s spending decisions.”

However, Kushner appeared untarnished in his father-in-law’s eyes, by Parscale’s bumbling leadership,” according to the Times reporters.

Jared has, of course, publicly stepped back from the world of politics and, more specifically, his scandal-ridden father-in-law, after Trump steadily refused to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election, leading to the infamous Capitol riot.

Read the full report from Insider here.

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