Donald Trump Popped Off With His Most Disgusting And Demeaning Nickname Yet For NYT’s Beloved Maggie Haberman

Wow. This is vile, even for him.

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Scandal-plagued ex-President Donald Trump has found himself so infuriated with Maggie Haberman’s Hush Money trial reporting that he’s now come up with one of his most disgusting, demeaning, and downright vile nicknames for the New York Times correspondent to date — and, believe me, that’s truly saying something, considering the long list of gross nicknames he’s come up with for people he doesn’t like thus far.

Haberman has long been called the “Trump Whisperer” across the media for the once close working relationship she was able to maintain with the now-disgraced former president. The NYT correspondent was one of just a few journalists who were able to gain extremely close access to Donald Trump during his time in the White House, even snapping a few smiling photos with the big guy. Somehow, she seemed to be the only reporter who could actually report the truth on Trump and yet still maintain a decent working relationship with him.

However, it seems those days are officially over now, as Haberman’s no-nonsense reporting on Trump’s Manhattan Hush Money criminal trial that is now fully underway has soured the former president towards the NYT correspondent for good.

Since the kick-off of the infamous Hush Money trial, Trump has been attempting to claim that throngs of his supporters have been showing up at the Manhattan courthouse where he sits on trial to protest the slew of felony criminal charges against him. Yet, those supposed protesters have been nowhere to be found.

Throughout the trial, Trump has been encouraging his supporters to make a scene at the courthouse and egged them on by suggesting they may be met by police force if they show up.

Recently, in remarks made outside the courthouse, Trump said, “People that want to come down and protest at the court and they want to protest peacefully. We have more police presence here than anyone has ever seen. We’re blocked – you can’t get near this courthouse.”

That claim was almost instantly debunked by NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard who was outside the courthouse at the time Trump was speaking and posted video from the scene, proving that Donald’s claims were blatantly false:

Hillyard was, of course, just one of many reporters who were quick to discredit Trump’s claims about masses of pro-Trump protesters, including Maggie Haberman.

Haberman spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and pointed out that really no one has shown up for Donald Trump; protesters, family, or otherwise. The former president is simply alone.

It seems that Haberman and Trump’s past served to truly send the former president over the edge when Maggie went public with this information, as Donald took to his Truth Social account with a rage-filled rant for the ages, complete with his truly disgusting new nickname for the Times correspondent — “Maggot” Haberman.

“Thousands of people were turned away from the Courthouse in Lower Manhattan by steel stanchions and police, literally blocks from the tiny side door from where I enter and leave,” Trump repeated his thoroughly debunked claim once more, “It is an armed camp to keep people away.”

He then turned his vitriol towards Haberman, personally, with this tirade:

Maggot Hagerman of The Failing New York Times, falsely reported that I was disappointed with the crowds. No, I’m disappointed with Maggot, and her lack of writing skill, and that some of these many police aren’t being sent to Columbia and NYU to keep the schools open and the students safe. The Legal Scholars call the case a Scam that should never have been brought. I call it Election Interference and a personal hit job by a conflicted and corrupt Judge who shouldn’t be allowed to preside over this Political Hoax. New York Justice is being reduced to ashes, and the World is breathlessly watching. Hopefully, Appellate Courts can save it, and all of the companies that are fleeing to other jurisdictions. They can no longer take a chance on New York Justice!”

It’s painfully clear at this point that Donald Trump is cracking at the seams.

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