Donald Trump Seemed To Put Swimmer Riley Gaines In Uncomfortably Awkward Position As He Appeared To Try To Kiss Her On Stage During Recent Speech

He's disgusting.

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I could use this article to crack a few jokes about Donald Trump’s resounding awkwardness and relentless social faux pas and how he’s far too narcissistic and egotistical to take a hint if one smacked him in the face. But frankly, in my less-than-humble and educated opinion — based on his well-documented history of literal dozens of credible accusations of sexual assault, harassment, and rape — ex-President Donald Trump is a predator. And it’s not funny.

Recently, Trump took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, TX, where he filled his big speech with all of his typical bullshit about the election, his White House comeback that he has yet to announce, nasty attacks on his successor, and unhinged rants about the various investigations and lawsuits raging against him, namely the January 6th House Select Committee’s ongoing probe into his role in the deadly Capitol attack.

He even took a moment to make us all collectively gag in horror, as he openly bragged about how much his former White House doctor turned TX Republican House Rep. Ronny Jackson “loved looking at” his “strong and powerful” body.

All of it was gross and unhinged. But it’s the same nonsense we’ve expected from the washed-up, one-term, twice-impeached former guy.

But this part, this was too far.

At one point during his time on stage, Donald Trump appeared to put former superstar swimmer Riley Gaines in a disgustingly uncomfortable situation when he welcomed her on stage, where he leaned in and seemingly attempted to kiss her, forcing Gaines to dodge away and snub his inappropriate advance.

In a video of the incident, Gaines has wrapped up her remarks and Trump is cracking jokes about how he could beat her at swimming as he prepares to dismiss her from the stage. Following his shitty jokes, Trump grabs Gaines by her shoulders and leans in for his uncomfortable goodbye kiss. You can see Riley awkwardly turning her head sharply to the side, leaving Trump’s kiss to land somewhere on the side of her head/cheek.

Riley Gaines is a swimmer who competed for the University of Kentucky against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas and has regularly spoken out against Thomas’ participation. Riley used her speech to peddle her notion that she’s fighting to keep “female sports female.”

It’s certainly no secret that Gaines herself is a trash human. But no one deserves unwanted advances.

Watch the video here:

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