Donald Trump Went On A Manic, Unhinged Rant About Polls During An Interview: “We Beat Kamala By A Lot. They’re Very Good Polls.”

What a weird interview.

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President Joe Biden is enjoying a high approval rating in the polls, so it’s weird that the twice-impeached one-term former president brought up polls on Don Bongino’s talk radio show. Biden is outpacing his predecessor in the White House. Donald Trump had a 39% approval rating in May 2017 in a Gallup poll, while Biden stands at 54 percent. And in the fourth month of Biden’s presidency, his overall approval rating clocked in at 63%. As for Biden’s handling of the pandemic, 71% of Americans approve, including 47% of Republicans.

That’s probably why Trump spoke of polls about Vice President Kamala Harris instead, but he shouldn’t have gone there since her favorability rating was nearly the same as her predecessor Mike Pence’s rating at the same point four years ago. Still, Trump went there on Bongino’s show just after being asked about the criminal probe into the Trump Organization.

“You know when I was in law enforcement, Mr. President, we investigated crimes in search for the people; we didn’t investigate people and go hunt for the crimes,” Bongino said. “Any comment on what this disaster up in New York pretending to be attorney general is up to now?”

Trump, of course, called it a “witch hunt.”

“Well, it’s a continuation of the biggest, greatest witch hunt in the history of our country, and they didn’t get me in Washington,” Trump said. “They tried Mueller, they Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine impeachment one, impeachment two, and they sent the papers back down to New York, ‘hey, do the best you can.’ It’s honestly, it’s a disgrace, and they hurt so many people, and it’s very costly, and they hurt people so badly, and it’s pure politics.”

“We have Democrat prosecutors, radical liberal Democrat prosecutors, and they’ll do anything they can,” Trump added. “You saw the polls. In fact, I noticed your notes here; we talked about topics about, you know, polls that just came out that we beat [vice president] Kamala [Harris] by a lot. They’re very good polls.”

Trump then launched an attack on Republicans.

“They play a much tougher game than the Republicans,” Trump insisted. “Republicans don’t play that way. They play as simply a game they play, and, frankly, a lot of people are not happy about it. Like, I’ll give you an example — where is Durham? Where is Durham? Where is his report? Why didn’t that come out months and months ago? Where’s Durham? There’s 38 people that should be talked about, and they don’t play the same game. It’s a terrible thing. So we have the witch-hunt continues. It continues and probably always will, and it’s disgraceful. I think it should be illegal. It’s prosecutorial misconduct. That’s what it is, and it’s a shame.”

Here’s the audio:

That’s a lot of words to throw out there, with all of them being false.

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