Donald Trump’s Lawyers Were Reportedly Hit With A Major Data Breach, Resulted In Stolen Files

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A bombshell report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that one of the major law firms representing Donald Trump has been the victim of a massive data breach and many of their files are now floating around on the dark web.

“A hacker claims to have stolen files belonging to the global law firm Jones Day and posted many of them on the dark web. Jones Day has many prominent clients, including former President Donald Trump and major corporations,” the report from the Journal reads.

“The posting by a person who self-identified as the hacker, which goes by the name Clop, includes a few individual documents that are easily reviewed by the public, including by The Wall Street Journal,” the report explained. “The Journal was able to see the existence of many more files—mammoth in size—also purported to belong to Jones Day, posted by the hacker on the so-called dark web. Hackers typically post such stolen information after the hacked entity fails to pay a ransom. The Journal was able to contact the hacker using an email on its blog.”

According to the report, the hacker who perpetrated the data breach told The Wall Street Journal, “we have over 100 gigabytes of data.”

So far, we’re unsure of the details surrounding exactly what was put out there, or what pertains to the former president. However, it’s safe to say that Donald Trump’s days have just gotten worse and worse here lately. And something tells me that a massive data breach isn’t going to make it any better.

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