Donald Trump’s Own Former Chief Of Staff Revealed What He Shared With J6 Investigators, Including One Crucial Text, And It’s Damning For The Ex-President

Detrimental news for Donald Trump.

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One of Donald Trump’s former chiefs of staff has spoken out amid the January 6th House Select Committee’s ongoing and mounting investigation into the deadly Capitol attack, and not only did he expose some of the information he shared with the House Panel, he openly encouraged the American people (namely Republicans) to watch the damning public hearings.

Mick Mulvaney served as Donald Trump’s chief of staff from January 2019 until March 2020 and has served as one of the very few former Trump officials to consistently and openly defend the January 6th House Select Committee and their investigation against petty, partisan attacks. Recently, Mulvaney penned a scathing and eye-opening op-ed in the Charlotte Observer, where he specifically called on members of the Republican party to not just watch the public hearings, but keep their minds open regarding the information that’s coming out of them — as he publicly shared the details of his own experience with testifying before the panel in their ongoing probe.

“The committee itself was exactly what I had expected. It was professional: the staff lawyers who interviewed me were diligent, courteous, and well-prepared,” the former top Trump official wrote in his op-ed. “But it was undeniably political: the committee does not exist to determine whether Donald Trump’s face should go on Mount Rushmore; it exists to try to damage him politically. And there is certainly no one on the committee who considers it their responsibility to defend him. To the contrary, every single person involved most likely believes it is their job to make him look bad.”

Mulvaney goes on to note that he actually didn’t even have that much information about January 6th, 2021, to share with the panel that they’d even be interested in or consider relevant to their probe, as he had already resigned from his position as special envoy to Northern Ireland. However, the former chief of staff confirmed that there was one specific text message Mick had personally sent to Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel, Jared Kushner, and various other Trump campaign officials on November 3rd, 2021, after he heard McDaniel say on a campaign call that Donald Trump had lost the state of Arizona.

Mulvaney’s text message read:

I’m getting this sinking feeling that everyone other than me thinks we have lost this election. I am out there telling everyone we haven’t. If people know something I do not, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. It is better for me not to do TV, and keep my mouth shut, than to do TV and say we have a chance when the people in the know know that we do not.”

Mulvaney wrote that the Committee’s keen interest in that particular text message helped him to personally understand what the panel is hoping to accomplish through their ongoing investigation.

“One case the committee has been trying to make in the hearings is that people at the campaign knew Trump lost the 2020 election and told him so,” he writes. “Indeed, many have already testified to exactly that. The committee will likely use my text as additional evidence on that point. Would that text have seen the light of day but for the committee? Unlikely. Might it convince people that even members of his innermost campaign circle knew that Trump had lost the election? Perhaps. But the text is truthful and accurate. And it was coming from someone who not only voted for the president, but worked in his administration and campaigned to get him re-elected. If it helps anyone make up their minds, on their own, that Trump lost the 2020 election, then it has some value.”

“The committee is bringing facts to light that people would otherwise never see,” Mulvaney concluded. “That doesn’t change just because it is biased. If it sheds light on the truth of Jan. 6, then it has value. People should watch, and make up their own minds.”

All of this, from your own former chief of staff, Donald.

Read Mulvaney’s full op-ed here.

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