Don’t Mess With Mama: Watch As Grizzly Bear Charges At Car When Driver Slows Down To Look At Her Cubs


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Calvin Barrett learned a lesson about Mama bears when he slowed his vehicle down to have a better look at some adorable cubs that were trying to climb over a barrier with their mother. Barrett, from Denver, Colorado, took his phone out to film the Montana family of bears, but that resulted in the Mama bear charging his car.

One of the little ones cried for help while trying to climb the barrier, so the mother turned around to look, and Barrett’s vehicle caught her attention, then she charged.

“Yo, dude,”  one guy in the car can be heard saying as the bear charges toward them. “Oh my god.”


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Barrett explained on Instagram what took place.

“Slowed down to check out some bears on the way into Montana. Kinda goes without saying but, friendly reminder: don’t fuck with mama bears, or any mamas for that matter,” he said. “For future reference, I’ve been informed that the way we approached the bears, slowing down, and invading their space is not safe nor respectful wildlife viewing practice.”

“So if you find yourself in this situation be sure to stay back and give any wildlife a chance to move out of sight before moving forward,” he added.

Barrett seems to understand that he was in their home, their space, and his vehicle’s presence was upsetting the mother bear. A large female bear can weigh up to 800 pounds, so a pissed-off mama bear can cause a lot of harm if she feels her cubs are in danger.

This has all happened before. In 2017, two people in Yakutat, Alaska, were the targets of a bear that charged their car. In that case, there were no cubs seen in the video, so maybe it’s best to stay away from bears in their habitat as best you can. The folks in Alaska didn’t appear to be slowing down, though, when the bear charged the car.

Mr. Barrett probably thinks that the close call with the bear is so 2020. We feel your pain, dude.

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