Eric Trump Tweets Then Deletes Image Of Ghislaine Maxwell With The Clintons After Internet Brutally Reminds Him That His Dad Hung Out With Her Multiple Times

Go ahead and sew Eric's name on the dunce cap.

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Donald Trump’s son Eric made an embarrassing blunder in the wake of the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell in an apparent effort to smear the Clintons. His plan backfired and demonstrated that he’s the dumbest Trump kid.

Maxwell was taken into custody by law enforcement this week for her involvement with deceased billionaire pedophile and child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who was a really good friend of Donald Trump’s back in the day.

Eric, however, seemed to forget about his dad’s close relationship with Epstein and Maxwell when he posted an image of Maxwell in attendance at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Judging by the fact that Eric deleted the post not long after, it’s safe to say that Twitter users were able to alert him to what a dunce he is.

But the Internet is forever, thanks to screen captures.

And here are some of the tweets that forced Eric to delete the post in shame.

As you can clearly see, there are quite a few pictures of Trump with Maxwell and Epstein. The same can’t quite be said about Clinton. After all, the picture Eric chose to bring attention to is Maxwell merely attending the wedding. That doesn’t mean the Clintons have no connection to her or that it is not disturbing. But Eric’s dad obviously has a closer connection with her. If anything, Eric ended up bringing that to our attention, and that truly makes him the dumbest Trump kid.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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