Ex-President Trump Released A Statement So Full Of Smug Arrogance We Couldn’t Make Up If We Tried: “Everybody Wants Me On Television, I Get The Highest Ratings By Far”

Did someone miss their meds this morning?

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Disgraced ex-President Donald Trump kicked off one of his recent mornings by reminding us that while his hands, feet, and other unmentionables may be small, his waistline and his ego certainly are not.

This doesn’t actually have anything to do with his waistline, but when the opportunity to point it out presents itself, well, ya know.

However, the man’s inflammatory, overly self-important ego is certainly on flashing display.

Before 8 AM even rolled around, the former guy was already pumping out one of his relentless, and frankly tiresome, “official statements,” via his spokeswoman Liz Harrington because, gentle reminder, he’s still cruising through that lifetime Twitter ban.

And coming from the guy who’s literally not allowed on a single reputable social media platform at this point, it’s extra hilarious how important he still truly believes he is.

“It’s really interesting, everybody wants me on television, I get the highest ratings by far, they need ratings to survive,” Trump’s egotistical, Tuesday morning statement kicks off, “and yet I put out a challenge to debate me about the massive election fraud, which took place in the 2020 Presidential Election, and there are no takers—think of it, zero takers for the so-called ‘ratings machine.’ The reason is, they know they can’t win. All I have to do is lay out the facts—they are irrefutable. I’ve supposedly won all my political debates but this would be the easiest of them all! Swing state by swing state, they get decimated. This is the Hoax and the Scam and the Crime of the Century. Just remember, no takers!”

Take a moment here to grasp the fact that he literally, genuinely called himself a “ratings machine.”

Not to mention, sir, we all saw your debates. If you call that “winning,” it’s really and truly no wonder you also thought you won the election.

Twitter was as hilariously appalled by Donald’s morning diatribe as I am:

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Honestly, I’m beginning to think Donald’s “people” are just letting him do shit like this on purpose at this point. I can just imagine all the “give him enough rope, he’ll hang himself” conversations that are going on behind closed doors.

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