Expert Claimed Trump Might Replace Pence On 2020 Ticket With His Daughter Because “He Can Stay In Power Much Longer”

Oh dear God.

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In the wake of his formal impeachment in the House, Donald Trump is doing everything he can think of to desperately hold on to the last shred of hope he has for a 2020 reelection come November.

Despite his near-constant claims of hyper-confidence and declarations asserting that the impeachment process has done nothing but help his 2020 chances, Donald is floundering in support among the public and he knows it. Hell, even Fox News can’t peddle his false polls anymore. The majority of the American public wants him out of office now, and they damn sure have no interest in voting him back in.

For the last several months, Trump has been desperately trying to garner some support from pretty much any other group of people besides old, rich, white dudes. He’s attempted several times now to hold MAGA events for minority groups in an effort to sway them towards voting for him. But frankly, none of it’s working in his favor.

Now, according to one behavioral expert, it looks like Donald may be heavily considering some rather drastic measures to go with these increasingly drastic times.

As we all know, the relationship between Donald and his once-beloved right-hand man and Vice President Mike Pence has recently begun to sour — with Trump feeling as though Mike just isn’t as loyal to him as he should be. And according to a new social media report, Trump may very well be gearing up to dump Pence from the 2020 ticket — a move that, while not completely unheard of, hasn’t been executed in over 40 years and hasn’t been executed successfully in over 70 — for none other than his very own daughter Ivanka.

You may be asking yourself why on Earth Trump would attempt to make his own daughter his Vice President. But frankly, there’s only one person that Trump loves as much as he loves himself in this world and that’s Ivanka. No questions asked. Plus, Donald knows that if he wants even a snowball’s chance in Hell at a 2020 reelection he has got to start garnering some support from minorities, especially women, and it seems he feels that Ivanka’s soft, demure demeanor in combination with the fact that she has a vagina will somehow strengthen his popularity among those that thus far have had no love for him.

Something Mike Pence is completely incapable of doing.

Body language expert Dr. Jack Brown recently took to Twitter with a social media report to explain what he foresees happening from his professional point of view:

Frankly, Mike Pence is simply of no use to Donald Trump anymore. He’s an old, white, rich man who has absolutely nothing to offer to anyone other than his fellow old, white, rich men. Trump is desperate at this point. And it seems he thinks if he doesn’t prove to the world that he’s “woke,” he’s just fucked.

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