Explosive CNN Report Reveals Damning Info On Secret Service Was Removed From Trump-Appointed DHS Inspector General’s Draft Report To The J6 Committee

It just keeps getting worse.

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The United States Secret Service has been the center of an ongoing and ever-mounting scandal, ever since the bombshell news broke that text messages hailing from Secret Service agents on January 5th and January 6th, 2021, had been deleted by the elite government agency, despite the fact that they had already been instructed to keep the communications in connection to the January 6th House Select Committee’s investigation into the Capitol attack.

The scandal has grown in such intensity, in fact, that reports recently revealed the probe into the deleted Secret Service text messages has now escalated to a criminal investigation.

And now the scandal has grown deeper still.

According to bombshell new reporting from CNN, a Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s draft report that was sent to the J6 House Select Committee has been altered before delivery to conveniently exclude damning, previously included information that made allegations against the US Secret Service for allegedly impeding their investigation.

Not long ago, we discovered that Trump-appointed Department of Homeland Security Inspector General Joseph Cuffari allegedly knew that the January 5th and 6th Secret Service text messages had been deleted for upwards of a year before he finally informed the House Select Committee that is currently investigating the deadly attack on the Capitol. And now, to make matters that much worse still, CNN’s Whitney Wild and Zachary Cohen have broken the news that the spiked draft report shows “Secret Service has resisted OIG’s oversight activities and continued to significantly delay OIG’s access to records, impeding the progress of OIG’s January 6. 2021 review.”

In an edition of CNN’s New Day this week, Whitney Wild explained the damning discovery:

This memo was obtained by the Project on Government Oversight. It was shared with CNN, and it shows that there was original language that would have had detailed descriptions from the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general’s office of the multiple ways they thought the Secret Service was stalling the watchdog’s investigation.

Among the accusations: these investigators said the Secret Service wouldn’t identify the reviewers of records, that made it hard to contact them and get the relevant information.

Investigators also said that the Secret Service wouldn’t give records to the IG without an internal review, and when they did hand over documents, they were heavily redacted.

Finally, the IG investigators said that the Secret Service wasn’t totally upfront with them about the totality of the text message loss from the weeks leading up to January 6.

So this is the issue we’ve been talking a lot about. The Secret Service said that they had this data migration a couple of weeks after January six, which basically wiped text messages from several people’s cell phones. The IG thought that was crucial information and they had been going back and forth for about a year to try to get those text messages.

Again, the IG saying Secret Service didn’t tell us exactly what was going on. The point here is that the warnings were approved for release to Congress in April, but they never made it into this final report that was issued in June. So something happened between April when they felt like they were ready to go and June when this report was actually sent over to lawmakers.

That’s raising a lot of questions because about a month after that report came out, the IG had this dramatic about-face and took all of these complaints directly to the Hill.

The Secret Service is saying that they did and they are cooperating with these investigations. Sources within the agency I’ve spoken with for several weeks now have really pushed back on the idea that they were stalling the IG from getting records saying they can’t just release internal records without first getting reviews for executive privilege and national security issues.”

It’s beginning to feel as though the US government is just infected with corrupt Trump rot at this point. God only knows when, where, or how it will truly end.

Read the full report from CNN here.

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