Father Of Marine Who Could Have Possibly Been Killed As Part Of Russian Bounty Plot Responds To Trump: “Lost All Respect For This Administration And Everything”

If you really support our troops, you have to turn against Trump.

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Donald Trump’s failure to do anything about Russia offering bounties for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan has cost him the respect of a father of a fallen Marine.

A bombshell New York Times report exposed that Trump has known about the Russian bounties since at least March and possibly going back to 2019 and also ignored intelligence briefings about the plot even though he claims he was never briefed.

Of course, Trump refuses to read those kinds of briefings and has spent a lot of his time watching Fox News, golfing, and tweeting when he’s not busy kissing Vladimir Putin’s a**.

Indeed, Trump has appeased Putin by withdrawing troops from Germany and inviting him to the G-7 summit all while American soldiers were being hunted down and killed to collect bounties.

According to the Associated Press, many American soldiers have been identified as those who were killed for these bounties.

The Defense Department identified Marine Staff Sgt. Christopher Slutman, 43, from Newark, Delaware; Sgt. Benjamin Hines, 31, from York, Pennsylvania; and Cpl. Robert Hendriks, 25, from Locust Valley, New York, as the Marines killed in April 2019. The three Marines were all infantrymen assigned to 2nd Battalion, 25th Marines, a reserve infantry unit headquartered out of Garden City, New York.”

Robert Hendricks was killed in Afghanistan. Did he die because Russia offered a bounty to Taliban militants to kill American soldiers? Possibly.

That further adds to the heartbreak of his loved ones who now have to live with the knowledge that the president may have known about the plot and did nothing about it, thus letting Robert Hendricks get killed.

Hendricks’ father Erik told the AP that he has “lost all respect” for Trump since the report went public.

“If this was kind of swept under the carpet as to not make it a bigger issue with Russia, and one ounce of blood was spilled when they knew this, I lost all respect for this administration and everything,” Erik Hendriks said.

In fact, it appears Trump is angrier that this intelligence was potentially leaked than he is that the Russians are involved in the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan because he retweeted the following:

Once again, Trump demonstrates that he doesn’t care about American soldiers and their families.

Featured image via White House Photo/Wikimedia Commons

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