FBI Search Seems To Inadvertently Reveal Donald And Melania Have Separate Living Quarters, As Source Says Ex-First Lady Isn’t Concerned Because “She Would Never Allow Him To Keep His Stuff In Her Room”

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Just yesterday, we reported on new revelations from inside sources who claimed that ex-First Lady Melania Trump has been “annoyed” by the FBI search and seizure warrant raid at her hubby’s Mar-a-Lago compound, but she doesn’t actually care that much and has instead continued to focus on hawking her NFTs.

CNN reported on the matter yesterday that ex-President Donald Trump “was much angrier – exclamation-point angry – than Melania Trump, according to five people who spoke to CNN about Melania Trump’s recent activities under the condition of anonymity to protect personal and professional relationships.”

CNN goes on to report on one particular revelation from an inside source, who says of Melania: “She cared, but not like he cared.”

An additional source spoke to the publication and said, rather nonchalantly, “it annoyed her.”

“Instead, her public statements – through her Twitter account – have focused on her most apparent passion since leaving Washington: NFTs,” CNN reported.

But things get a bit more interesting still, tucked away in the details of the new report.

It seems this bombshell FBI Mar-a-Lago raid has inadvertently exposed the fact that Donald and Melania Trump don’t even share living quarters.

“The warrant was explicit about the rooms and areas the agents could search, and it included any space the former president frequents, says a person familiar with the details of the warrant’s execution. The Trumps have separate bedrooms in their 3,500 square feet at Mar-a-Lago, three people familiar with the layout tell CNN, but Melania Trump’s bedroom and closets are just down a short hall from the former President’s sleeping quarters and home office,” the publication reports. “Though put out and annoyed that strangers went through her curated and expensive collection of clothes and shoes and bags, say those who know her, she was – and remains –characteristically quiet.”

“She’s private, and she’s protective of her son and her home,” one source told CNN.

“She would never allow him to keep his stuff in her room, and he would frankly never ask,” another source confirmed to the outlet.

At this point, I really don’t think Melania would care at all if FBI agents came and packed Donald out of there in handcuffs tonight. In fact, she might even consider it a favor.

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