Federal Judge Tore Into Donald Trump During Capitol Rioter’s Hearing, Said Al Gore “Was A Man” About His Election Loss


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Adam Johnson, 36, is one of the Capitol rioters that you don’t forget because he’s the man that was seen carrying the lectern of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection. And he did that with a smile on his face. A federal judge took aim at former President Donald Trump as well as Johnson. According to CNN, Trump was called out for his big lie of widespread voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election that didn’t take place.

Senior District Judge Reggie Walton said that Al Gore had a better standing to challenge the 2000 election results but said that the former vice president was “a man” and walked away.

“Al Gore had a better case to argue than Mr. Trump, but he was a man about what happened to him,” Walton said of Gore’s decision to end his presidential bid following weeks of legal battles. “He accepted it and walked away.”

Johnson pleaded guilty on Monday to a low-level charge of entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, and Walton had a few choice words for him, too. The judge doesn’t seem to think that Johnson is trustworthy since he was gullible enough to swallow what Trump was selling.

“What concerns me, sir, is that you were gullible enough to come to Washington, DC, from Florida based on a lie,” Walton said, “and the person who inspired you to do what you do is still making those statements, and my concern is that you are gullible enough to do it again.”

What makes the judge’s words particularly interesting, aside from being blunt and getting to the point, is that Walton was appointed by the man who defeated Gore, former President George W. Bush. Other judges have also criticized Trump, too, in the wake of the riot. CNN notes that a federal judge last week suggested that Trump had some responsibility for the attack on the Capitol and called the rioters “pawns” who were provoked into action.

Johnson told Judge Walton that he accepted responsibility for getting “caught up in the moment” and went on to say that a “hard couple of years” led him to spend a lot of time “listening to a lot of information and reading things” online. I’m going to guess that he’s a Tucker Carlson fan. Just a hunch.

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