Former Bush Administration Officials Have Reportedly Formed A Super PAC To Support Biden Over Trump

Trump is not having a good day.

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We’re seeing more and more conservatives coming out against Donald Trump’s reelection than did initially while the president’s poll numbers are plunging like wet jeans dropping off a flimsy clothesline. It’s not just the Lincoln Project that’s coming at Trump hard, with White House counselor Kellayanne Conway’s husband, George, reminding us how mentally unstable this president is.

Former officials from the George W. Bush administration are now “Ridin’ with Biden,” and have formed a super PAC to support the former Vice President’s White House campaign, according to The Hill.

The super PAC, dubbed 43 Alumni For Biden in reference to the 43rd president, was formed on Monday, according to a Tuesday filing with the Federal Election Commission, the outlet reports, and adds that Karen Kirksey, a former Treasury Department official from the Bush administration, is listed as the group’s treasurer and custodian of records.

Trump is good at one thing: uniting this country against him, and that includes Republicans. Trump has turned this country into a battlefield as Americans are left jobless and on the streets protesting against racial injustice. Americans are not only grieving for George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was murdered by Minneapolis police officers — but more than one hundred and seven thousand Americans are dead from the COVID-19 pandemic that Trump failed to address when he first learned of the looming threat.

Republican voters know that Trump is going down and taking their party with him. And sure, Trumpers will say that George W. Bush was responsible for so many deaths during the war, but we can look at it this way: What does it say about Trump when Bush has now become a breath of fresh air?

Trump has started his own war. America is now at war with itself thanks to this president for sowing division and hatred while permitting US citizens to get tear-gassed and flash-banged so that he doesn’t look bad after emerging from his bunker.

Imagine having a president who cares about the people he is supposed to keep safe. If feels like nearly four years ago was a lifetime ago.

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