Former FBI Official Warned That The Discovery Of Manipulated Trump Intel Reports Raises Serious Red Flags About The Major Risks Of His Re-Election

This is absolutely terrifying.

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Just recently, we reported on the damning, bombshell disclosure that was tucked away in a report from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), revealing that Former Trump administration acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf allegedly altered and modified the contents of and purposely delayed the release of an intelligence report that thoroughly detailed the level of interference Russia implemented in the 2020 United States presidential election.

Now, one former FBI Counter-Intelligence official has penned a fiery, and frankly downright disturbing, column for MSNBC, in which he warns that the inspector general report’s discovery and exposure of manipulated and altered intelligence reports during Donald Trump’s term in office — specifically reworked to paint Trump in a more flattering light — should be sending off alarm bells for every American across the nation… Especially should Donald Trump manage to secure a second term in the White House.

Frank Figliuzzi cites the April 26th watchdog report that reads, “President Donald Trump’s DHS diluted and delayed a 2020 intelligence report that told of Russia’s plans to aid Trump’s re-election with propaganda casting doubts on candidate Joe Biden’s health,” before going on to note the series of red flags that have now been exposed.

Figliuzzi pens:

…the OIG investigated whether then acting Secretary Chad Wolf and his leadership team properly handled the drafting, approval and dissemination of a report revealing that Russia’s government had a propaganda strategy to denigrate candidate Biden’s health. The report found that their treatment of the intelligence and analysis report was anything but proper under the standards of the intelligence community.

The OIG’s report confirmed what we already knew.”

The former FBI official goes on to report what we all know to be true — there is likely more that will soon come down the pike. But even if not another word is exposed, Figliuzzi warns that the confirmation we have already received is more than enough to raise red flags and send alarm bells screaming about the true threat of what’s to come if Donald Trump manages to weasel his way into the US presidency a second time around.

He writes that the “… OIG report gives us insight into the ghost of the Trump administration’s past. But it offers a picture of what a Trump present might have looked like had he won the election, and foretells what a future Trump administration would look like – particularly regarding Russia, the U.S. intelligence community, and the battle for Ukraine”

Figliuzzi pays special attention to one bullet the American people thankfully managed to dodge due to Trump’s 2020 election loss — had Donald Trump been in office when Vladimir Putin and his Russian military forces invaded and attacked Ukraine, Americans would likely be facing a barage of misinformation with regard to how the war was faring for the Russian dictator, who Trump considers a personal ally and friend.

The former FBI official also delivered this particular, and in my opinion most terrifying theory — it is not beyond the scope of possibility that Donald Trump may have actually shared United States intelligence with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We can’t discount that possibility. He’s disclosed highly classified intelligence to the Russians, at the expense of an ally, before,” Figliuzzi writes before adding, “Would a new Trump administration honor such improvements to the intelligence process? Would they even read the OIG findings? More than likely, we’d be faced with an even greater contrast between the Biden and the Trump approaches to intelligence.”

You can read Figliuzzi’s full analysis with MSNBC here.

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