Former Federal Prosecutor Says 11th Circuit Court Is Poised To “Slam” Trump-Appointed Judge Aileen Cannon For Protecting The Corrupt Ex-President From DOJ Investigation

The corruption is catching up with them.

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For months now, we have watched in collective and helpless horror as Trump-appointed U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon has delivered corrupt ruling after corrupt ruling in the Mar-a-Lago stolen document case that clearly served only one single purpose at the core of them all — to protect scandal-ridden ex-President Donald Trump from the United States Department of Justice’s investigation.

But, if former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne’s new analysis on the matter is correct, Cannon’s days of corruption on the former president’s behalf are soon to come to an end, as Alksne said she believes the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is currently poised to come down with a vengeance on the Trump-appointed judge.

Alksne delivered the theory in a new appearance on MSNBC with host Ali Velshi.

Cannon was appointed to her position on the bench by the now-former president back in 2020, in the final waning days of Donald Trump’s tumultuous presidential term. Cannon was then appointed to take on the infamous Mar-a-Lago stolen document case — after the scandal-ridden ex-president was busted for stealing hundreds of boxes, full of thousands of highly-classified government documents and relocating them with him to his Palm Beach estate and proceeding to lie to the National Archives and Records Administration multiple times about his possession of those documents — in which she has delivered ruling after ruling that has left legal experts and DOJ investigators baffled, blindsided, and infuriated, as she blatantly rules in favor of protecting Donald Trump, rather than the rule of law.

But Cannon’s actions came under intense scrutiny just before Thanksgiving Day, when the former president’s legal team was put in the hot seat by the 11th Circuit judges who demanded answers on Judge Cannon’s apparent blatant corruption in the former president’s favor.

As the 11th Circuit prepares to deliver its ruling as soon as next week, legal experts are theorizing that the news will not be good for the ex-president.

During the MSNBC segment, Alksne said that when the dust settles, she fully expects Trump-appointed Judge Cannon to be on the receiving end of a positively brutal rebuke from the 11th Circuit.

“I think that it sounds like after reading the transcript of the appellate hearing in the 11th Circuit that they are going to get rid of the special master and they are going to slam this federal judge [Cannon] who put a wrinkle in the process that was totally unnecessary,” the legal expert explained.

“And that will speed up the process and allow the government to really dive into those documents because, remember, it is not only — when you look at this case to a prosecutor — it is not just does he have the documents, where they willfully maintained and did he not return them when he was asked to. You also have to have sort of a global outlook on it like, why did he do it?” she went on to add.

“In order to do the prosecution, you kind of want to know that,” Alksne further elaborated. “Is it an ego thing, as somebody leaked from the Justice Department or in anway did those documents make it into the stream of his financial considerations? Is that why he ended up with these deals in the middle east? Has Jared Kushner seen the documents? Who has touched them, who has seen them, who knows about them, who has used them?”

“The sooner we get rid of the special master process, or we complete it, the sooner we can get to that point and we can move forward with the prosecution,” she said.

Watch the segment here:

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