Former Fox News Reporter Claimed Trump Invited Her Up To Trump Tower To “Kiss” While They Were Both Married

He's ALWAYS been a creepy SOB.

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The relationship Donald Trump now has with the Fox News Network is a hit and miss one at best. While some days he takes to his Twitter account to shout their praises from the proverbial rooftops, his love for the media outlet only goes as far as their willingness to blindly support him amid his blatant lies and atrocities.

Sometimes, even Fox News can’t seem to get behind the man’s bullshit. Like when he attempted to force false polling numbers down the nation’s throat through the network’s platform who simply wasn’t having any part of the flagrant lie, or when he attempted to distance himself from Prince Andrew who was deeply implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia scandal, only for his most beloved network to publicly call him on his shit.

But according to a bombshell revelation from one former Fox News reporter, the relationship between Donald and the Fox News Network, or at least the media platform’s employees, has always been a rather disgusting one — in which Donald was of the belief that he held all the power.

Former Fox News reporter Courtney Friel revealed in her memoir Tonight At 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News that the soon-to-be president once called her up with a downright stomach-churning yet 100 percent Trumpian proposition while both of the individuals were still married.

In the memoir, Friel, who used to work as a sometimes fill-in on Trump’s now beloved Fox & Friends segment, offers up grim details of her cringe-inducing interaction with the man that would later go on to become a very sorry excuse for the 45th president of the United States.

Friel states that Donald referred to her as “the hottest one at Fox News” and was sure to make a phone call to her office line a few weeks after she has told him she was interested in serving as a judge for his Miss USA beauty pageant.

“Though he said I couldn’t be a judge since I worked at a different network, he did ask me about my career goals and complimented my work at FNC,” Friel shared in a sneak peek of her book given to the Daily News.

“Then, out of nowhere, he said: ‘You should come up to my office sometime, so we can kiss,’” the former Fox News personality alleges.

Friel, who now works at KTLA-TV in Los Angeles as an anchor stated that she was “shocked” at the bold proposition.

“Donald,’ I responded, ‘I believe we’re both married.’ I quickly ended the call,” Friel wrote.

“This proposition made it difficult for me to report with a straight face on Trump running for president. It infuriated me that he would call all the women who shared stories of his bold advances liars. I totally believe them,” she goes on to state in her memoir.

“At least now I can joke that I could have banged the President — but I passed.”

As expected, the White House has not returned any requests for comments made by the Daily News.

Frankly, I believe they’ve simply run out of excuses for his disgustingness. There’s nothing more they can say.

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