Former Insider Claims There’s One Mistake Melania Trump Made That Was Apparently So Bad Even “She Knew She Had Messed Up Royally”

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Let’s be frank here, shall we? Throughout the course of Donald Trump’s four-year term in the White House, he wasn’t the only one to pull some seriously corrupt and sickening stunts. The fact of the matter is, his third-wife turned First Lady Melania Trump did her fair share of messed up stuff while her husband was busy ruining this country as President of the United States.

Typically speaking, her gaffes and schemes would end up on the back burner as her husband pulled something even more disgusting and stomach-churning than the last time. However, there were a few stunts of Melania’s that certainly went down in history.

In fact, according to her former Chief of Staff, who’s recently gone public with the corruption she witnessed during her time in the Trump White House, there was one particular Melania stunt that was so heinously bad that even Melania herself knew that she’d just screwed up in the worst kind of way.

And I’m willing to bet you can guess exactly which Melania screw up we’re referencing here…

The infamous, “I don’t really care, do u?” jacket that Melania wore en route to southern border camps where immigrant children were being separated from their families and held indefinitely in the equivalent of cages.

According to Grisham’s new tell-all book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now, of all the terrible stunts Melania Trump pulled as First Lady of the United States, this seemed to be the one instance in which Mel herself knew that she’d made a seriously big boo-boo.

Grisham claims that in a very rare move for the former First Lady, Melania allowed her husband’s staff to take over damage control surrounding her jacket stunt as the media and the American public alike exploded into a frenzy of criticism and disgust following her infamous fashion choices.

“That suggested to me that although she wouldn’t admit it, she knew she had messed up royally and that she was responsible for all of it,” Grish writes in I’ll Take Your Questions Now. “For the first and only time that I ever saw, Mrs. Trump put herself at the mercy of the POTUS Twitter account.”

The jacket was such an ordeal, in fact, that Mel’s former Chief of Staff actually devoted an entire chapter of her book to “The Damn Jacket.”

Grisham claims that Melania actually was “genuinely upset and concerned” about the way her husband was handling immigration at the southern border and the way the children were being treated in the camps. Apparently, the whole purpose of her trip down south was to personally check on the well-being of the children in the cages. However, her choice in outwear that day overshadowed what little good intentions she may have had.

Ultimately, Trump was only wearing the jacket when she was photographed boarding the plane to Texas, and had changed outfits and ditched the jacket when she was actually visiting the children.

In the aftermath, Grisham claims to have found Melania in her cabin, the jacket draped over her captain’s chair, and the then First Lady “had a look on her face, the kind you might have when you know you (expletive) something up,” as Grisham questioned her about the message on the back of the jacket.

“It’s just a jacket,” Mel allegedly responded when her then Chief of Staff pressed for a reason as to why she would wear it on that particular trip.

You can read a full report on the subject from Mercury News here.

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