Former Trump Administration Official Comes After Ivanka, Exposes Her As A Fraud

This will ruin Ivanka!

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Donald Trump and his entire family are liars and frauds. With Trump at the helm, it’s clear that the apples don’t fall far from the tree for any of his entitled children, especially the more public ones.

While Donald Trump Jr. may make the most waves in the media for his outlandish Twitter behavior, Ivanka Trump undoubtedly has the most power in the Trump administration as one of the president’s top advisors. She may not attract as much attention as her emotionally unstable brothers or her father, but no one should overlook her — she’s also extremely problematic.

Trump has claimed to care about women, and yet his behavior says the exact opposite. Unfortunately, the same could be said for Ivanka. One of the concepts Ivanka has built her brand and business on is women’s empowerment and her support for workplace equality — however, this turns out to be all an act. According to former Trump administration member Omarosa Manigault Newman, Ivanka hasn’t done a damn thing for pay equality for women and just like her father, it’s all empty promises.

Omarosa called Ivanka out for her lies in an MSNBC interview, when she outlined how the president and his daughter couldn’t care less about women. She said:

Under my portfolio in public liaison was in fact women’s efforts. So, Ivanka Trump said in her speech at the Republican convention, and she said throughout her tenure at the White House that she was going to fight for equal pay for the women. But it’s just all talk. She’s talked the talk, but she hasn’t walked the walk. You will see that the efforts for this administration are zero in terms of making sure that pay disparity is eradicated in this country. So, I’m a little disappointed that Ivanka did not follow up on her promises and her commitments to this country to make sure that women get equal pay for equal work in this country.”

You can watch the interview below:

In her interview, Omarosa not only outed the Trump campaign for hiring more men than women, but for paying them far less. She is currently trying to join the lawsuit against the campaign for this pay disparity, and Ivanka has been one of the people trying to defend Trump and the campaign — yet she herself doesn’t care about this issue.

Ivanka was born rich, and she will never understand these societal struggles. The Trumps live in a bubble, which makes them absolutely useless when it comes to improving this country for the average American.

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