Former Trump Insider Claims Mick Mulvaney Basically Confirmed Trump’s Stimulant Use During CPAC: “The Man Never Sleeps”

You can only stay awake that long with drugs. A LOT of drugs.

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Throughout Trump’s recent 36-hour trip to India, and upon his return as well, people have been wondering if the man has gotten even a wink of sleep.

During his time overseas, it seemed that every moment of his visit, Trump was either tweeting or talking. Honestly, it was a whole thing on social media.

And now it doesn’t appear that Donnie’s had much of a nap (if any) since his return either.

In fact, Trump’s acting White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, essentially admitted as much this afternoon during his appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“So I’m there when he got back, Wednesday morning, he lands in the helicopter, he’s flew to India, did a day and a half of work, flew back. Did not sleep on the flight home!” Mulvaney declared from the stage while shaking his finger all about in an effort to strengthen his point, I suppose. “And I know that because he’s emailing and texting and taking phone calls, right?”

“They land at about 7:30 in the morning on Wednesday, he did that press conference Wednesday night. The thing that you saw for an hour,” he continued. “Okay. Uhm. He had not slept. For a day and a half. Two and a half.”

Mulvaney went on to explain that he eventually asked Donald if he was going to go to sleep, to which Trump allegedly replied, “No, I’m going to work for a little bit yet… I’ve only got eight years. I’m going to get as much out of it as I possibly can.”

“The man just never… Never sleeps,” Mick ultimately declared as he wrapped up his story.

Now, I’m sure that Trump’s acting Chief of Staff told this story with the intent of making the impression that Donald is simply a damn hard worker who never quits.

But one former Trump employee and insider has a different story to tell when it comes to Mick’s admission that Donnie never sleeps — and a whole lot more to do with Trump’s incessant use of stimulants.

Noel Casler, former Apprentice employee turned stand up comedian, has been claiming to the masses for some time now that Donald Trump has a huge drug problem. Once Casler caught wind of Mulvaney’s admission during the CPAC, he was quick to point out that, in his opinion, this was nothing more than confirmation of what he already knew:

Whether it’s stimulants leading to Trump’s lack of Z’s (which we pretty much know it is. But hey, the benefit of the doubt, right?) or not, Casler makes a damn good point here. Hard worker or not, you don’t want a sleep-deprived man in his 70s leading the charge on much of anything, now do you?

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