Former Trump Official Offered His Theory On Exactly What It Would Take To Get Scandal-Ridden Ex-President To Drop Out Of 2024 Race And It’s Truly Pathetic

Could this finally do Trump in???

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As the 2024 presidential election rapidly closes in on us, it’s hard not to be wracked with fear and panic at the mere prospect of Donald Trump making a successful comeback to the White House — the very same man who has already been impeached twice, is facing literal dozens of criminal charges on both the state and federal level that could very likely earn him a very real, long prison sentence in the end, and who, to this days, remains buried in so much scandal and so many probes, lawsuits, and investigations that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with all of them anymore.

At this point, as Donald’s anger and resentment grow, and his drive to exact revenge from a position of power grows with it, it’s hard to see a way to make this all stop before it’s too late. But one former Trump era official has spoken out this week with his theory on the one, sure-fire thing that will make Donald himself drop out of the 2020 presidential race — and while we can only hope that he’s correct, his theory is possibly one of the most pathetic things we’ve ever heard when it comes to Trump’s narcissistic ego and pride.

Former Trump White House Communications Chief Anthony Scaramucci sat in on a CNN panel recently, where he theorized that his old, one-time boss would willingly bow out of the 2024 presidential race if it looked like he was going to lose the election again.

The topic came up when Scaramucci was asked about recent poll numbers that have shown a steady decline in Republican support for Trump as the legal scandal surrounding the ex-president continues to get worse and worse.

The former Communications Chief, who only served in the Trump Administration for about a week, said he “thinks” that the damage of the recent indictments against Donald Trump only really serves as a “small dent” in the ex-president’s reelection chances.

“I don’t think it’s a big enough dent, yet, but if those numbers really start to move, he’ll drop out of the race,” Scaramucci explained, adding, “He will not be able to handle an eviscerating defeat in Iowa or New Hampshire or South Carolina.”

The CNN host pushed for a little more clarification on Scaramucci’s theory, asking if he thought Trump could possibly drop out of the race “before Iowa or New Hampshire.”

“Based on those poll numbers, no. But if you told me he went to 55% unfavorable in the Republican party and you saw somebody like Governor Christie or Governor DeSantis rise in the polls and you saw another indictment or two.”

But perhaps the funniest part to come out of the panel was when the former Trump official pointed out that he can tell just how distressed his old boss is, based solely on the state of Donald’s hair.

“He’s physically unraveling. Just look at him. Go back to the Brett Baier tape,” Scaramucci said. “He was probably using six cans of hairspray during the campaign, he’s probably using one now and he’s got to straighten this out. He’s a very image conscious guy. You can tell that he’s unraveling. People who really know him can tell that this thing is starting to come undone on him.”

We can only hope that Trump’s ultimately unraveling is complete before he manages to worm his way back into the White House.

Watch the CNN panel discussion here:

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