Former Trump Plaza Casino On Atlantic City Boardwalk Is Demolished Leaving Behind Dust and A Pile Of Rubble

Hey, hey, hey, goodbye.

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Much like his disgraceful presidency, Trump’s Plaza Casino is no more. The Atlantic City Boardwalk building was imploded today, ultimately reduced to a pile of ash and rubble, after the building had fallen into such a state of disrepair that pieces of the building were beginning to break off and crash to the ground, according to a report from NBC Philidelphia.

The explosion started at 9 a.m. this morning and took a total of about 20 seconds to rock the entire structure to the ground. The Plaza was once a prized possession of the former president’s and even marketed itself as “Atlantic City’s centerpiece.” The removal of the dilapidated structure has now cleared the way for prime development opportunities in one of the city’s hottest spots.

Reports have indicated that many Atlantic City locals gathered at the site to watch the failed casino go down in smoke to a round of cheers. And it seems that social media users joined locals in cheering on the building’s demise.

I gotta tell ya, something about watching Trump’s buildings and life simultaneously implode is damn satisfying.

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