Fox News Analyst Says There’s Enough Evidence Against Trump “To Justify About Three Or Four Articles Of Impeachment”

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Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano spoke to following the marathon public impeachment inquiry and said that there is “enough evidence” to draw up articles of impeachment on Donald Trump.

“The Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have unearthed enough evidence, in my opinion, to justify about three or four articles of impeachment against the president,” Napolitano said.

Although, Napolitano did say there isn’t “enough [evidence] to convict [trump] of bribery” in a court of law, “but it’s enough to allege it for the purpose of impeachment.”

Napolitano laid out what he predicts will be the second, third, fourth, and possibly fifth charges.

“The second charge will be high crimes and misdemeanors, election law violation,” Napolitano said. “The third crime will be obstruction of justice. The fourth will be interference with a witness and the fifth may be lying under oath.”

“The evidence of his impeachable behavior at this point, in my view, is overwhelming,” he continued.

And like most of us, Judge Nap knows the Senate won’t convict the “president.”

“No American president in the post–Woodrow Wilson era has stayed within the confines of the Constitution,” Napolitano said. “And each president has more authority than his predecessors, for the simple reason that Democratic Congresses give power to Democratic presidents and Republican Congresses give power to Republican presidents. That power stays in the presidency. So, Donald Trump actually has more authority than Barack Obama did, who had more authority than George W. Bush did, etc.”


Well, we already know the Republican-led Senate would fail to convict Trump even if he went on a shooting massacre, then crawled into an orphanage and began to stab all the children while they slept in their beds. But, I disagree with the libertarian-leaning Judge on at least one thing: There is evidence of bribery since Donald Trump admitted to extorting Ukraine while he was standing on the White House lawn with cameras rolling. Then, chief of staff Mick Mulvaney backed that up in a bungled interview that went off the rails.

But, it’s 2019 and the Constitution is meaningless and subpoenas are casually ignored from this “administration” and by the direction of the “president.” At least history will be kind to Democrats for doing the right thing. History, though, will not look fondly upon Donald Trump and his sycophantic party.

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