Fox News Host Melted Down After President Biden Added “Women” To Declaration Of Independence: “That’s Not What The Founders Wrote”

What in the hell, lady?

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“All men are created equal” is part of the sentence in the U.S. Declaration of Independence that Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1776, but now it’s a few centuries later, and women are supposed to be equal, too. Unless you live in Texas or work for Fox News, that is.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce got big mad over President Joe Biden, saying, “All men and women are created equal.” Yeah, we can’t have that. She insisted that “the sacred words  of our founders weren’t inclusive enough for Sleepy Joe.” Well, yes, dear, because it’s not 1776 anymore. The feminist in me wants to throat punch Ms. Bruce while yelling out, “It’s almost 2022, you weirdo.”


Twitter users pounced.

And Tammy called the President “Sleepy Joe” while she’s been asleep for her entire miserable life. Imagine being a woman and taking issue with the President saying that women are created equal, too. Conservative women are the worst. Come on, Fox News, surely you have more important things to report.

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