Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Suffered Her Most Brutal Freudian Slip Ever, Referred To Donald Trump As A Criminal During Interview

Ope. Just slipped right out, huh?

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Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro has long been accused of being a little too fond of the sauce, and after her most recent snafu, I’m definitely starting to believe it.

Recently, the Fox News “personality” (I use the term “personality” here very lightly, as her actual personality is really just a mix of a wet paper towel and an angry goose) say down for a one-on-one interview with her Lord and Saviour, ex-presidential wash-up Donald Trump. As is customary with these interviews, it was ultimately nothing more than a whole lot of undeserved praise and boot-licking. However, there was one point in this particular exchange that Pirro seemed to accidentally let the truth slip out, without even really realizing it.

The Fox interview between Pirro and Trump aired on Fox News Saturday and featured a none-the-wiser Judge Jeanine referring to the ex-president as a criminal.

During the show, Pirro asked Trump if he sees himself as a “kingpin for elections going forward.”

A “Kingpin,” of course, is by definition, “a person or thing that is essential to the success of an organization or operation” and is generally used as a synonym for something like a crime boss, crime lord, Godfather, or criminal mastermind. Wikipedia describes a “Kingpin” as “a person in charge of a criminal organization.”

Pirro just outright hit the nail on the head when it comes to Donald Trump without even realizing it.

Ultimately, Donald responded, saying, “If I endorse somebody they win,” repeating the claim again before adding, “I think I’m 148 in 2.”

Pirro’s Freudian slip was so bad, that it managed to garner the attention of comedian and late-night talk show host Seth Meyers, who pointed out that the Fox host likely meant to call the ex-president a “Kingmaker,” which is used to describe someone who brings other people to power via their own influence.

But, nevertheless, neither Pirro nor Trump seemed to pick up on the Judge’s mistake.

“Jeanine, I’m pretty sure you meant to say ‘kingmaker,’ which is a good thing, not ‘kingpin,’ which is usually reserved for criminals,” Meyers explained on his show. “That’s a very revealing clip,” he went on, before adding, “I’d say it’s Freudian, but with you, it’s probably Franzian.”

Pirro’s misguided description of the former president was obviously a slip up on her part, but it fit the bill all the same as she almost immediately turned to talk about Donald’s heated efforts to obstruct the ongoing investigation into January 6th.

“Trump and his cronies had a detailed plan for overturning election results and they tried to execute that plan. And they almost succeeded. It wasn’t an impulse or a whim, it was a plot,” the late-night show host pointed out, before going on to add, “He sowed a violent insurrection to overthrow democracy, but Republicans are still on board. Which means he’ll almost certainly try to do it again, making him a—in Pirro’s words—’kingpin for elections going forward.’”

Boy, it sure is funny what manages to slip through the cracks of your brain and right out of your mouth, huh?

You can watch the clip from Mediaite here.

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