Fox News Tries To Pressure Trump Into War With Iran, Calls Him “Weak;” POTUS Dumb Enough To Fall For It

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It seems that Donald Trump and Fox News may be breaking up.

It was just recently that Donald went off on a Twitter tantrum, calling his beloved network “fake news” because they reported on the polls that are depicting him as a loser to his Democratic opponent and apparent mortal enemy, Joe Biden. And now it appears that the folks over at Fox & Friends aren’t too happy with their leader either.

This morning, poised in a red-backed war room setting, the Fox & Friends morning hosts discussed the president’s wishy-washy approach to the current Iran situation and his last-minute decision to back out of an airstrike retaliation — and let’s just say they’re not pleased.

Fox hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt couldn’t seem to agree on what it all means. Earhardt was of the opinion that Trump “knows more than we do” and was certain that “something’s happening behind the scenes, there’s a reason he hunkered down.”

Kilmeade, on the other hand, chose to prod and provoke the president, calling out his indecisiveness as a weakness, even going so far as to seemingly address the president himself, who’s well known as an avid consumer of Fox News, saying that “North Korea’s watching. Turkey’s watching. Russia’s watching. China…”

They didn’t limit just limit themselves to their own opinions, though. The crew brought on a retired general who claimed that Donald is playing checkers with Iran when he should be playing chess. Earhardt stuck to her guns, pushing the Trump rhetoric that Iran sanctions are doing as they should and the president knows what he’s doing.

This provoked Kilmeade to lose it, nearly screaming at his co-host. “No! The sanctions have been in place before. This is Iran’s response to the sanctions,”  he bellowed. “Where is America’s response to Iran’s belligerence?”

“They blow up four tankers and we do nothing. When they blow up our drone that costs $130 million and we do nothing. We know it’s not going to end there. So at some point, in the Middle East, no action looks like weakness, and weakness begets more attacks.”

“Just because he called it off last night doesn’t mean he’s not going to do something,” Earhardt continued to defend.

“It’s been seven weeks!” Kilmeade fired back.

“I think by not doing something, he is doing something,” Kilmeade eventually stated. “There are consequences for nonaction and there are consequences for action. In the Middle East, nonaction is looked upon in many cases as weakness.”

What will the Trump supporters do now? Their brains may very well explode if they’re forced to choose between Fox News and Donald Trump.

You can watch the clip here:

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