Fox’s Sean Hannity And Dan Bongino Lost Their Minds After Geraldo Seemed To Blame Donald Trump For Jan 6th; Blast Him For “Backstabbing Trump”

Lord have mercy.

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All hell broke loose after Geraldo Rivera rightfully blamed former President Donald Trump for the deadly January 6 riots when a mob of his supporters attacked the Capitol to stop the peaceful transition of power. Host Sean Hannity asked Riveral why Congress was investigating that riot, but not the riots that broke out after George Floyd’s murder by a police officer.

“This was a riot that was unleashed, incited, and inspired by the president of the United States, which targeted the heart of American democracy,” Rivera said.

Hannity, of course, brought up the part of the twice-impeached one-term President’s January 6 speech where he told his mob of supporters to march patriotically and “peacefully.” Trump’s impeachment attorneys tried to use that in his defense, but of course, he was indeed impeached for inciting the insurrection.

Then, Rivera brought up Hannity’s texts to former chief of staff Mark Meadows during the riots, asking Trump to tell his people to leave the area.

“I beg you, Sean, to remember the frame of mind you were in when you wrote that text on January 6,” he said. “And when Laura did. And when Brian did. And when Don Jr. did. Remember that concern you had. Remember the frustration you had at our beloved 45th president.”

Dan Bongino accused Geraldo Rivera of disloyalty for not defending the former President.

“The backstabbing of the president you’re engaging in is really disgusting!” he said.


To be clear, those in Trump’s orbit want the former President defended against the indefensible even though he cost his party the House, the Senate, and the presidency. Rivera has been a friend and ally of the former President. Still, after the Capitol attack, he’s publicly said several times that Trump needs to stop stirring up baseless claims about the election results.

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