GOP Governor Candidate Reportedly Admitted He And His Wife Once Belonged To Swingers Groups After Spicy Private Social Media Posts Were Leaked: “We’re Not Ashamed”

Welp, that's more than we needed to know.

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According to a report from the Daily Mail, one Oregon GOP gubernatorial candidate who was stacking up to be a favorite in the packed race was essentially forced to fess up to the fact that he and his wife once explored “swinging” after posts he made (of a spicy nature) in a private Facebook group were leaked to the public just ahead of the big election.

***A “Swinger” is defined as “a person who engages in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners.”***

40-year-old Stan Pulliam, an OR Republican who already serves as the mayor in his hometown of Sandy, was reportedly stuck admitting to the local newspaper, Williamette Week, that he and his wife of 12 years, MacKensey, “explored relationships, mutual relationships with other couples, for a brief period of time.”

Pulliam went on to tell the local publication that he and his wife “ultimately decided” that the open, non-monogamous sexual lifestyle “‘wasn’t for us,” but went on to add that he and his wife are “not ashamed” of the decisions they “‘made in the privacy of [their] own home.”

In a statement the Republican gubernatorial candidate sent to the Daily Mail, Pulliam goes on to expand on the matter:

Several years ago, MacKensey and I, as a couple explored relationships with other couples for a brief period of time before we ultimately decided to focus solely on each other, our marriage and our family. And ever since, day in and day out, we’ve worked as a team to strengthen our family and to create a better community and state for our girls, and the hundreds of thousands of kids just like them, so they can safely grow up, live, work and stay right here in Oregon.”

It seems Stan was forced to open up about his past, albeit temporary sexual lifestyle thanks to leaked Facebook posts as well as a photo from the 2011 Portland’s Erotic Ball. The surface screenshots show Pulliam and his wife expressing their excitement about joining the swingers community and even sees them leaving comments on illicit photos of other members in the Facebook group.

The publication notes that it’s thus far unclear what sort of damage this newest development may have with regard to Pulliam’s gubernatorial candidacy, as he currently looks to be pinned as the favorite in his state for the Republican nomination, though he’s already been clear that he will not be withdrawing from the race over the scandal.

In fact, Pulliam goes so far as to assert that his past unconventional sexual activity is actually consistent with the values he has built his gubernatorial campaign on, stating, “In Oregon, we really cherish values of individuality and liberty.”

Let me be clear, we’re not shaming this man for his kinks or sexual decisions or even the state of his marriage. However, we’re talking about an individual who obviously believes it’s okay to have sex with someone who isn’t his wife, but doesn’t want two men or two women to have the freedom to marry the person they love.

We could give a damn less about what Stan does in the bedroom, but we’re not fond of hypocrites here.

You can read the full report and see the screenshots from the Daily Mail here.

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