GOP Is Hiding Trump Polls From Local Candidates Because The Numbers Are So Dismal

They have no shame!

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If you were still a bit wishy-washy on whether or not the Republican National Committee is living in the nice, warm confines of Donald Trump’s pocket — perhaps you thought there was no way all of them could be corrupt little Trump sycophants — let this article be your answer.

Because after their latest move, there’s really not any room left for even a shred of doubt.

A new report from ProPublica has revealed that the RNC is now so deeply entangled in the Trump cult mentality that they are literally hiding Trump’s pitiful poll numbers from local candidates, ultimately leaving them completely uninformed when it comes to their own must-win races.

According to the deep-diving report, “voter scores” — which are critical, poll-based analytics numbers that are traditionally given out to party committees and candidates to help them determine their districts feelings about Trump — have gone completely obsolete since Donald’s election.

According to Republican sources, the RNC is hiding the numbers to “prevent GOP candidates from publicly distancing themselves from the president or leaking unfavorable results that embarrass Trump” — why, hello there, dictatorship.

Michael Steele, a former chairman of the RNC and long-time Trump detractor explained to ProPublica that the Republican party is going to such great lengths to protect their cult leader Donald from embarrassment that they’re literally hurting their own candidates.

“There’s a lot of data they’re sitting on that they’re not sharing,” Steele explained before going on to say that under Trump’s reign “the RNC is not an independent actor; the RNC is now a part of the Trump campaign. The question now isn’t, ‘What do you need?’ The question is, ‘Do you support Donald Trump?'”

Now if that sounds like a corrupt and probably illegal scheme to you — well, you wouldn’t be wrong.

The leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Dan Sena, explained to the Washington Post that the move of withholding voter scores is “malpractice” as the numbers are indispensable data that “allows you to look for independents who like the candidate but have mixed feelings about the president.”

Sena went on to explain that he’s confident the move was “intentional” because “they clearly don’t want anyone overperforming the president.”

And considering Donald’s own VP, Mike Pence is out-polling him, overperforming the president doesn’t seem like it’d be a hard thing to do.

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