GOP Rep. Revealed He Overheard Two Republican Colleagues Stating They Pushed Officials To Invoke The 25th Amendment Against Trump – Only To Oppose Impeachment A Week Later

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Michigan GOP House Rep. Peter Meijer was one of just ten House Republicans to vote in favor of impeaching then-President Donald Trump following the infamous January 6th Capitol riot. The very same riot that forced Meijer himself to evacuate the Capitol building with a smoke hood covering his face. Meijer’s vote in favor of Trump’s impeachment was a bold move, as his decision was publicly broadcasted with no way to hide which way he voted from an angry and notoriously vindictive Donald Trump. It was a brave move, given the state of the Republican party over the last half-decade.

However, according to Meijer, while only 9 of his Republican colleagues voted along the same lines as he did during Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial — where the House ultimately impeached him a second time, this go around for the large role he played in inciting the January 6th riot — other GOP lawmakers weren’t nearly as supportive of number 45 behind closed doors. It seems they just didn’t have the guts to make that known on a public level, where Donald Trump would find out.

The Atlantic’s Tim Alberta recently published an extensive article on Meijer, and the precariousness of his future in the GOP, as a Republican who dared to defy Donald Trump. Alberta reports that Meijer was convicted on the notion that the Republican party desperately needed an intervention from Trump. The GOP lawmaker was determined that he was “going to help facilitate both,” even if it put his political career on the line.

In the days following the January 6th attack, that ripped at the very seams of this nation’s democracy, Meijer says he felt that he was a pivotal part of a mission to save the Republican party… From the Republican party.

Meijer reveals now that his own naïveté gives him a chuckle — as the 9 other Republicans that voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment with him have already “chose varying degrees of retreat.”

“The responsibility for fixing the party isn’t on the 10 of us; it’s on the 180 who didn’t do anything. It’s kind of like Flight 93: If only a few people fight back, that plane hits the Capitol. But because everyone fought back, it didn’t,” Meijer stated.

But tucked in the depths of the Atlantic’s deep-dive into the GOP lawmaker was this revelation.

Meijer claims that on January 6th, he overheard two of his Republican colleagues saying that they had pressed Trump administration officials to invoke the 25th Amendment against then-President Trump — however, neither of those two Republicans “voted for impeachment a week later.”

It seems clear to me that lawmakers within the GOP knew (and continue to know) full well how dangerous, harmful, and unstable Donald Trump is not only for the entirety of this nation but for their very own political party, that truly hasn’t been the same since Trump made his entrance on that infamous gold escalator — they just don’t have the balls to do anything about it, for fear that Trump will find out.

You can read the full report from The Atlantic here.

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