Handwriting Expert Says POTUS’ Penmanship In “I WANT NOTHING” Note Is “The Sign Of A Liar”

She hit the nail on the head!

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Donald Trump has managed to become pretty well-known for a lot of things over the course of his life — a sexist, a racist, a misogynistic pig, a blow-hard douchebag, a washed-up reality TV “star” with a really terrible toupée.

But in the last 73 years, the dude has never been tacked with the label of an “honest man.”

In fact, according to a count from the Wahington Post, Trump has made somewhere around 13,435 “false or misleading claims” since he was inaugurated almost three years ago. And frankly, that number is far higher now, considering that count was from back in October.

According to one handwriting expert that’s been analyzing the penmanship of Donald J. Trump since the nineties, Trump’s lies are still rolling out full steam ahead.

In the wake of European Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony, Trump found himself rather vexed with the whole ordeal and confronted a gaggle of reporters armed with a now-infamous note, scrawled in his traditional Sharpie, to remind himself to scream at the press that he “WANTS NOTHING.”

While the note itself certainly isn’t anything to get worked up over in today’s day and age of Trump, forensic handwriting examiner Sheila Lowe did drop some insight as to what the president’s penmanship could mean.

“Some of the Os have little stabby strokes coming into the middle, such as in ‘word,’” Lowe wrote to Rolling Stone in an email. “This is a special area of communication in handwriting and should be clear. When there are such interferences, the usual interpretation is — wait for it — the sign of a liar.”

She went on to explain that Donald’s regular use of a thick, black, permanent marker “suggests someone who is attracted to the trappings of luxury but wants it without having to put in a lot of effort to obtain it.”

The large, blocky lettering, according to the expert, is indicative of “someone who has a strong need for security and to be in control, to be looked up to,” while the disconnected letters show “someone who was unable to assimilate the difficulties he experienced in childhood, which leaves him open to life’s various adversities. He lacks good coping mechanisms and has trouble relating fully to himself and to others.”

Lowe then tackled Trump’s spikey signature, stating, “There’s a certain arrogance, confirmed by his signature, [which] looks like a barbed-wire wall, whose many sharp angles are hostile. At the end of the signature, the final stroke on the ‘p’ turns back and slashes through the signature, which, because one’s name represents the self, is self-destructive.”

It is worth noting that handwriting analysis can’t really be used as a definitive science, with one recent study specifically related to handwriting authentication (not personality assessment) finding that “the overall error rate even for experts is large enough as to raise questions about whether their estimates can be sufficiently trustworthy for presentation in courts.”

But let’s face it — Lowe’s analysis of Trump’s chicken scratch is downright spot on.

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