Hot Mic Clip Catches President Biden Saying What We’ve All Been Thinking, Brutally Slams Fox’s Peter Doocy As A “Stupid Son Of A B*tch” After The Right-Wing Reporter Screamed Questions At Him During Photo-Op

I mean, we've all thought it!

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Generally speaking, when I think of President Joe Biden, I think of a calm, gentle, compassionate, controlled, and kind human being — essentially the opposite of his predecessor, ex-President Donald Trump in every conceivable way. However, no matter how caring and peaceful someone is, everyone has their limits, that point at which they’ve run out of patience and understanding and can’t help but to unload their frustration, aggravation, annoyance, or even anger. Basically, we all get fed up at one point or another, even if our breaking point and tolerance level is sky high compared to others — the president included.

And it seems President Biden reached his breaking point when it came to Fox News’ godforsaken White House reporter, Peter Doocy.

Doocy is, of course, notorious for being, well, an asshole.

Pardon my french, but there’s just no other word for him. The dude is an arrogant, mouthy, annoying, beady-eyed douchebag. Just watching his relentless interactions with President Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki (who has the patience of a saint) is enough to prove without a shadow of a doubt what I’m saying here. Frankly, I don’t know how these people have quietly dealt with him as long as they have. God knows my patience would have worn down to non-existence literally months ago with this guy. I mean, I applaud them for making it this long.

But, it seems Joe Biden finally had all he could take of the Fox’s most appalling talking heads during a photo op when the Right-wing reporter relentlessly shouted questions at the president about inflation.

Earlier today, President Biden met with Cabinet Secretaries where several members of the media were present in the room for a photo op marking the occasion; several of them unceremoniously shouted questions at the president.

During the event, Fox’s Peter Doocy shouted his question at President Biden, asking if Biden thought that high inflation would shake out to be a political liability as we head into midterm elections this year.

It seems this is when Biden finally had enough of Peter’s crap.

Thanks to video footage and a well-placed hot mic, a new clip circulating on social media captured President Biden remarking, as his voice dripped with thick sarcasm, “That’s a great asset. More inflation. What a stupid son of a b*tch.”

Was it the most mature thing the president has ever said? Nah. Was it absolutely well-deserved for an asshole like Peter Doocy? You can bet your bottom dollar that I sure think so.

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