“I Am Done”: RNC Saw Mass Exodus Of Republicans As Party Announced Lara Trump Takeover

The people were not happy about this.

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Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican National Committee is finally all but complete — after former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel formally stepped down from the position, after 7 years and a recent reelection — but it seems that many of the Republicans who are supposed to be making up the “Republican” part of the RNC aren’t okay with the way things are going down. Most notably, over Donald’s decision to install his highly unqualified daughter-in-law to Ronna’s former Chair position.

Trump has long been making it crystal clear that he believes the RNC should work for him, and when Ronna McDaniel was no longer fitting that bill — due in large part to the fact that she didn’t want the committee footing Donald’s rapidly mounting legal fees — he made it clear that it was only a matter of time before he rearranged the entire RNC to get exactly what he wanted anyway.

The scandal-ridden former president was quick to peg his middle son’s wife, Lara Trump, as a co-chair replacement, and Lara was more than happy to peddle the idea that Republicans across the country actually want to pay her father-in-law’s legal bills.

However, when it comes to many of those actual Republicans, that’s not the case. A significant portion of the GOP has spent the last several years trying to cling desperately to what the Republican party once was, and Lara’s appointment to a position that she’s not even close to qualified for, with no other purpose than to do Trump’s bidding from the inside, has left many of them choking so hard on the blatant nepotism that they’re literally leaving the party as a whole.

U.S. Army Iraq War Veteran Peter Henlein was one of the first to make it publicly clear that the RNC would not see another single red cent in donations from him after Lara Trump’s installation.

“Lara Trump is now Co-Chair of the RNC. After a lifetime of donating to every GOP nominee and multiple down ballot candidates every cycle….I’m out,” he said following the official resignation of McDaniel and the announcement of Lara’s new position. “I donated to help win elections, not to maintain the lifestyle of a billionaire. No point donating now.”

Conservative Navy veteran Dan Stilwell echoed a similar sentiment when he said, “I will not donate another penny to the GOP as long as she is involved in its leadership.”

Troves of Republicans across social media are saying the same thing — they’re DONE:

Getting those legal fees paid won’t help Trump if he has no one left to support him in the end.

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