In A Brutal Blow To Donald Trump, Jan. 6th Committee Announces Surprise Hearing Set For Tomorrow To “Present Recently Obtained Evidence,” Despite Recent Pause Until July

Whatever it is, it's bound to be HUGE.

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Just recently, the January 6th House Select Committee announced that they were putting a temporary pause on their explosive public hearings, set to restart at the beginning of next month, due to an overwhelming influx of new evidence against Donald Trump and his people, forcing the Committee to take a break long enough to allow them to work through it all.

However, it seems a particular piece or batch of evidence has come through that’s so massive and important that they’re now making an exception to their previously announced pause and holding a surprise public hearing, scheduled for tomorrow, that’s all but guaranteed to send Donald Trump’s head spinning, as they’re set to “present recently obtained evidence.”

In a notice posted to social media today, the January 6th House Select Committee — which is still currently investigating the infamous, deadly January 6th Capitol attack and the roles of Donald Trump and his inner circle in inciting the violence in an effort to overturn his brutal election loss — announced that, despite their previously planned break in their public hearings, the Panel now intends to hold a surprise public hearing at 1:00 P.M. ET tomorrow, where they will “present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony.”

As it stands, the specific nature of the evidence and testimony obtained by the House Panel that prompted them to hold a previously unscheduled public hearing is not publicly known and has not been released by the Committee.

House Select Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson previously said there would not be any more public hearings on the January 6th topic until early to mid-July, prompting  POLITICO’s Kyle Cheney to theorize that the evidence and testimony alluded to by the Committee “must be time-sensitive,” given the Panel’s sudden decision to reconvene on such short notice.

While we are unable to confirm the precise nature of the evidence, it is certainly possible that it pertains to the footage recently obtained by the House Select Committee from documentary filmmaker Alex Holder.

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