In Yet Another Damning Blow, Trump’s Truth Social Company Was Ordered By A Federal Judge To Turn Over Info On Devin Nunes’ Job As CEO

The losses just won't quit.

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The brutal punches just keep rolling for the former guy.

As if the whole FBI search warrant raid ordeal wasn’t bad enough for ex-president Donald Trump, it seems the hits are coming from every angle at this point, as now the former guy’s social media company seems to be under fire as well, according to reporting from Reuters. 

According to the report, U.S. Magistrate Judge William Matthewman in West Palm Beach, Florida, recently ruled that Donald Trump’s media and technology company has no choice but to turn over information regarding ex-Republican congressman turned Truth Social Chief Executive Officer Devin Nunes’ employment with the ex-president’s copycat Twitter company.

The brutal ruling hails from a $75 million defamation lawsuit Nunes — who suddenly resigned from his position as a Republican House Rep. in California — lodged against both Hearst Magazine Media Inc and journalist Ryan Lizza.

According to Judge Matthewman’s ruling, Trump Media and Technology Group Corp had only 10 days to comply with the request made via a subpoena by the defendant in the case and turn over all information they possess regarding Nunes’ position as Truth Social CEO. Trump Media is the parent company of Trump’s Truth Social social media platform that he began working on after he was indefinitely banned from Twitter in the aftermath of the January 6th Capitol insurrection.

Nunes’ lawsuit against Hearst and Lizza, lodged against them in an Iowa court, hails from the 2018 Esquire magazine article penned by Lizza that alleges the Nunes family dairy cow farm relocated from the state of California to Iowa. Nunes claims in the lawsuit that Lizza’s article caused grave harm to his reputation. Hearst requested the information regarding Devin’s employment as CEO of Truth Social in an effort to prove that Nunes suffered no such damage from the story.

Hearst’s legal team has said they feel certain that the subpoenaed documents regarding Nunes’ employment status in the ex-president’s company will show that the ex-congressman “maintains a sterling reputation.” Trump’s media company attempted to argue that the information was irrelevant to the case and that providing the requested documents would be burdensome to the company.

Nunes, who formerly served as the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, abruptly resigned from his position in Congress back in January to take the high-ranking position at the former president’s new social media company.

Read the full report from Reuters here.

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