Inside Source Claimed Donald Trump Called Her From Air Force One Just To Tell Her That His P*nis Was Not Small Or “Toadstool-Shaped”

I just.... Ugh.

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Now, it’s certainly no secret that Donald Trump is a big of the highest degree. The man literally has dozens of credible rape and sexual assault allegations against him, with some of the alleged victims being as young as a sickening 13-years of age. Being the President of the United States did absolutely nothing to staunch his disgusting behaviors. In fact, I’m of the firm belief that all that power went to his head and ultimately just made it all that much worse.

It’s strikingly clear that absolutely no one was safe from Trump’s heinous sexual assaults and harassment.

In her new book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House, set to release on October 5th, Grisham reveals that the now-former president even got extremely inappropriate with her during her time as Melania’s Chief of Staff and Donald’s Press Secretary.

No one will soon forget the allegations made by adult film actress Stormy Daniels, ahead of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, in which she claimed to have had an extra-marital affair with the Apprentice star. Among those allegations was the claim that Donald wasn’t exactly well-endowed in the nether region — a direct contradiction to his apparent brag towards Marco Rubio.

Reporting on Grisham’s new, upcoming book, Washington Post journalists Jada Yuan and Josh Dawsey write:

Grisham alleges that Trump became obsessed with a young, female press aide who isn’t named in the book. The president constantly asked where the aide was during press events, Grisham wrote, and allegedly once requested that she be brought to his cabin on Air Force One so he could ‘look at her [behind].’

Trump behaved inappropriately with Grisham, too, she wrote — once calling her from Air Force One to assure her that his penis was not small or toadstool-shaped, as the porn star Stormy Daniels had alleged in an interview.

Grisham wrote that Trump once asked her then-boyfriend, a fellow Trump aide, if she was good in bed.”

Of course, like most of the claims in Grisham’s upcoming opus, these allegations have not been formally verified and only hail from Grisham herself. However, we’ve all come to know Donald Trump and his behaviors quite well, unfortunately, over the years — and all I’m saying is I don’t doubt it one damn bit.

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