Inside Source Claimed Trump Has Lost Weight Because He No Longer Has 24/7 Access To The WH Kitchen

Geez. How much was he eating?!

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In the weeks and months since disgraced former President Donald Trump was officially booted from the White House, many a MAGA-loving Republican has bragged that the reality TV washup has lost a significant amount of weight — leaving him slimmer and supposedly “healthier” than he was during his term in office.

But according to one former Trump advisor, there’s a reason for Donald’s recent drop on the scale. Jason Miller, Trump’s 2020 campaign Senior Adviser, claimed that the ex-president has slimmed down and toned up since his presidency departure back in January because Donnie no longer has access to the 24-hour White House kitchen.

During a recent interview with British TV’s GB News, Miller claimed that former President Trump is “a lot happier,” “tanned,” and “rested” since leaving the White House in a cloud of shame and lies back at the beginning of this year.

Miller went on to claim that he recently visited with Donald down in Florida and the pair allegedly discussed the former guy’s well-being.

The host of the interview eventually asked the former Trump adviser about Donald’s apparent dip in his weight and Miller claimed that Trump told him it was due to “not having the kitchen there 24/7,” mixed in with “a little bit of golf and a whole lot of endorsement.”

The “endorsements” quip, of course, was in reference to Donald’s vendetta to endorse upcoming candidates who will either publicly push his big lie or unseat his Republican political enemies who wouldn’t.

Back in April, one anonymous Trump advisor told Business Insider that the former president had “lost 15 pounds since he left the White House.”

Miller claimed in the interview that Donald has lost 20 or 25 pounds since his White House departure in January.

Trump’s most recent physical, reported by ABC News, from June of 2020 had the former President listed at 244 pounds, which is well over the clinical threshold for obesity.

Over the years Trump was in office, he never did seem to talk too much about the 24/7 food services from the White House kitchen, but his love for junk food and snacks has never been a secret.

One former Trump adviser told Insider that Donald was notorious for noshing on M&Ms while on Air Force One and White House physician Ronny Jackson admitted that he once resorted to tried to hide vegetables in Donald’s food in an effort to get him to eat more healthy.

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