Inside Source Says Kellyanne Conway’s Marriage Is In Big Trouble, Trump Is To Blame

And you just know Trump demands that she take HIS side.

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Donald Trump pretty much ruins everything he gets close to — even the marriages of his own staff members. The president’s unprecedented level of dysfunction, drama, and chaos permeates everything around him, leaving nothing undamaged. Now, one of the president’s biggest defenders is feeling the effects of working for The Donald in one of the worst ways imaginable.

According to an inside source, Kellyanne Conway and her husband are on rocky terms due to her husband, George Conway, and his outspoken criticism of the president. Conway is so irate about this that she is, unfortunately, seeing her husband’s public opinions as a violation of their marriage.

Interviewer Ben Terris brought this up during an appearance on CNN, revealing what had happened when he interviewed the couple earlier this year. Terris said, “I’m sure she’s not happy.” Terris was then asked how Conway might respond to a podcast her husband had appeared on, where he’d called the Trump administration “a dumpster fire.” Making it clear that Conway’s loyalty was to the president above all, Terris said:

She told me that she finds it disrespectful when George tweets negative things about the president. She said it was like almost akin to going against marriage vows, that’s how disloyal it could seem at times.”

Terris also stated that George Conway was feeling the tension in the marriage as well:

When I talked to George he said to me that, you know, when this is all over and when she’s no longer working for the president anymore, whenever that may be, that he will dance a happy jig and he thinks things will go back to normal. But this is a really big thing to not agree on. So I imagine it’s stressful and it’s a difficult thing to deal with.”

This is just one more thing that Trump has ruined. You can watch the video below:

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