Insider Described Donald Trump As Having “The Eyes And Mannerism Of A Madman” During Meeting With Bill Barr

This is insane.

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Former President Donald Trump and his old Attorney General Bill Barr clearly aren’t on the same page these days, after Barr seemed to finally break from the dictator-style president in the final days of his presidential term, on the heels of the fateful, violent Capitol riot back in January. Ultimately, it seemed that Bill Barr refused to enable Trump’s incessant, baseless lies about the security of the United States’ election. This, of course, quickly led to bad blood between the two, as Donald Trump does not tolerate people who don’t agree with him.

However, just because Barr appeared to have a moment of common sense and clarity doesn’t mean the guy is off the hook. Not by any stretch of the means.

Barr still spent four long years empowering Trump’s schemes and now, one watchdog group has reason to believe that the former Attorney General knew a lot more about the ex-president’s attempt to overthrow the US government than he’s letting on, and they want answers.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has recently submitted a request for records from Bill Barr’s meetings with Donald Trump and other government officials in connection to the recent account of Barr’s final weeks in office, detailed by The Atlantic

CREW, of course, details the reasoning behind their investigation on their website. But one portion sticks out to us in particular.

From CREW:

In The Atlantic interview, Barr provided detailed accounts of his interactions with Trump and other Trump administration officials. Barr recounted Trump’s anger at Barr for refusing to support Trump’s baseless claims of a rigged election. In one meeting, Trump was described by someone present at the meeting as having had ‘the eyes and mannerism of a madman.'”

The description was so severe, if fact, that one of Trump’s former insiders weighed in on the subject himself.

Retweeting the CREW article, former Apprentice staffer turned Trump tell-all podcaster, Noel Casler, wrote on Twitter:

Folks, this has gone far and beyond a washed-up reality TV star in a severe midlife crisis. This is terrifying. This is a man drunk with power. This is dangerous.

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