Insider Points To A Rocky Relationship Between First And Second Lady, Claims Melania Wears “Spiked Heels To Belittle Karen Pence”

She's a snob.

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While conservatives love to tout Melania Trump as the classiest first lady to ever hit the White House, those of us over here on the other side of the fence know that she’s little more than a washed-up hooker “model” with a bad attitude after managing to ride her hubby’s coattails all the way to the presidency.

Frankly, I don’t find Melania to be classy or dignified in any way. I think she’s a snob. And according to one insider, my assessment of America’s current first lady is spot on.

Over the past three years, reports have indicated that Donald doesn’t have the best relationship with his sycophantic vice president, Mike Pence, and rumors have swirled that Karen wasn’t too keen on the idea of her husband serving under America’s biggest nightmare.

But Kate Bennett, a CNN White House correspondent who penned the unauthorized biography of the first lady, Free Melania, claims that the feeling between the Pence and Trump family is pretty mutual — especially when it comes to Melania.

In her book that hit the shelves late last year, Bennett talks of a time when she was on a flight with the first and second lady.

The author said she recalls “watching someone who looked a lot like Karen Pence, moving from the section ahead of ours, typically where aide and advance teams sit, and head toward the back lavatory.”

Evidently, Mel never offered to bring Karen into her comfy cabin, nor did she remove the four-inch spike heels when they all touched down in Texas, leaving the first lady to absolutely tower over the second lady, despite the fact that Melania typically wears modest shoes when she knows she’ll be photographed with someone of smaller stature.

A review of the unauthorized biography from The Guardian had a very interesting, and in my opinion spot on, take of Melania’s behavior:

“Melania relies on her spiked heels to belittle Karen Pence, the squat, sanctimonious wife of the vice-president, and she occasionally wears trousers to antagonize her husband, who thinks that female legs should be permanently bared.”

Melania Trump isn’t classy, folks. She’s just snotty.

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