Ivanka And Don Jr. Were Both Asked A Simple Math Question After They Bragged About Getting Into Wharton Business School

Math is HARD.

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Donald Trump was a frequent and favorite guest on Howard Stern’s radio show, then later, the host of that show became a critic of the former president. The former president always liked to deem himself as a stable genius, but we know that isn’t true. Now, Ivanka Trump is somewhat different than her father in that she at least pretends to be smart. Donald isn’t an outstanding actor, after all. It’s his carnival-barking schtick, outrageous as it may be, that his devotees gobble up. But with Ivanka, she throws words out there, hoping that they sound intelligent. And then there’s Donald Trump Jr., who couldn’t even pretend to be smart. He would have to know what smart is first.

This was all put to the test one day in 2006 when Donald brought his children Ivanka and Donald Jr., along for an episode on Stern’s show.  During the nearly hour-long show, Trump’s adult children claimed that they got into Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania — which is also their father’s alma mater — “on their own merits.” We’re talking about the stable genius’s children, after all. Listen, we know these two bobbleheads and their painfully stupid father don’t have a collective IQ of 100, but this is what they were presenting us with.

These two super-smart kids bragged about their SAT scores and insisted that their father didn’t buy their way into the famed school; then Stern tripped them up. Stern might be a lot of fo things, but the guy isn’t stupid. “What’s seventeen times six?” Stern asked the brainiacs. The answer, of course, is 102. The two laughed at first, apparently stumped by this simple question. They couldn’t give the correct answer.

Then Trump chimed in, saying it’s 112. Yeah, no, it’s not that. Still, Trump insisted that he was right.


There’s a reason why Trump’s children insist that they are brilliant. You see, they’re the children of a narcissistic father, so they’ve learned how that world works. It’s all in the packaging and presentation. Nothing is real with this family, including Melania’s kidney operation. Junior and Ivanka seem to have narcissistic traits, too, perhaps handed down to them from daddy dearest. And anyone that ever thought this family was filled with geniuses, is their target.

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