Ivanka And Jared’s $24 Million “Fixer-Upper” Mansion Had A Disgusting “Swamp-Green” Swimming Pool, According To Report

Ewwwwww. That's so gross.

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A while back, we reported on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s purchase of a new (to them) home in South Florida, where they’ve relocated to since Ivanka’s father Donald left the White House in a cloud of shame and flew south to Mar-a-Lago where he could surround himself with people that actually like him.

Back when that reporting first came out, it was revealed that the former First Daughter and her used-to-be presidential advisor husband weren’t exactly welcome among the residents in the area of the home they purchased. But according to new reporting from the Independent, their neighbors may be the least of their worries, based on the looks of the house itself.

New aerial shots of Ivanka and Jared’s $24 million mansion in the exclusive Indian Creek estate in South Florida appear to show that the back of the property is in a state of pretty disgusting disarray.

A report from The Real Deal revealed that the former D.C. couple had purchased a 1.3-acre waterfront estate located in the exclusive southern Florida neighborhood. Sources who spoke with the outlet said the “power” couple gave a staggering 24 million dollars for the home and property and closed on the sale back in April of this year, just shortly after Ivanka’s father was booted from the White House and relocated to the southern Red state. The report went on to note that the new Jarvanka digs spanned 8,510-square-feet and features six bedrooms, two reflective pools, a double staircase, and a massive dock.

However, new photos captured from up above show that the mansion isn’t all that impressive from the back view. In fact, it’s pretty nasty.

In the aerial photographs of the mansion, you can see broken and damaged tiling all around and a pool that’s in severe need of some serious TLC, with one pool full of “swamp-like green” water while the others are completely drained, according to the report from the Independent. 

The Real Deal reports that Jared and Ivanka do not appear to have moved into the “fixer-upper” mansion and are reportedly instead living in a rented luxury oceanfront condo in Miami.

Miami Luxury Homes describes Indian Creek where the Jarvanka home is located as “an exclusive 300-acre island located on the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay, and recognized as one of the wealthiest, private, most secure communities in Miami Beach.”

The neighborhood is so exclusive, in fact, that it reportedly boasts its own police force as well as “an armed marine patrol monitoring the waters around the creek,” according to the report. The neighborhood has only one entrance, featuring a single bridge with a gatehouse.

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