Ivanka Posted Image Of Herself Arriving In UAE And The Internet Had Some Thoughts: “The Arrogance Oozes From This Photo”

Give me a break.

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Princess Nepotism herself recently went wheels up en route to Dubai — you know, the place with the most oppressive women’s policies on the face of the Earth — for an event dubbed the “Global Women’s Forum.”

In case you weren’t aware, I guess we’re just ignoring the fact that Ivanka’s dad, Mr. P*ssy-Grabber himself, is not only one of the biggest womanizers to ever live and breathe, but that he’s far from a champion for giving basic equal human rights to those women he so loves to grope without their permission.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) described the Global Women’s Forum to GulfNews:

“Organised by Dubai Women Establishment (DWE), GWFD 2020 is a leading global platform that actively engages leaders and experts from around the world in constructive dialogue to discuss improved policies based on international best practices, foster goal-driven partnerships, and shape sustainable communities.”

“An entrepreneur herself, Ivanka Trump has spearheaded a wide range of initiatives and programmes to support women-owned businesses around the world, particularly in emerging markets. She has been instrumental in launching the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, an effort to encourage women in developing nations to participate in their economies. The initiative marks its first anniversary on February 12.”

Okay, so let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

Describing Ivanka Trump as an “entrepreneur” is a stretch if I’ve ever seen one. Having a pocket full of daddy’s money to buy a few sweatshops in China and the uncanny ability to fake a Gucci stitch with the best of them, an entrepreneur does not make.

Secondly, let’s tackle the fact that the only authority daddy’s little princess has in a forum such as this is just that — she’s daddy’s little princess. That’s literally the extent of her qualifications for pretty much anything.

Then, let’s talk about the fact that Ivanka Trump just landed in a country full of the world’s most oppressed and mistreated women, looking like she just stepped off the cover of GQ.

See for yourself:

Frankly, nobody is impressed:

Don’t worry, folks. She’ll get her obligatory pat on the head from daddy when she gets back and a hearty “well done” for fucking the American taxpayers and making sure she didn’t actually do a single productive thing. Just like Trump likes it.

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