Ivanka Posted Mother’s Day Tweet And It Spectacularly Backfired: “Just Imagine How Many Mothers Died Because YOUR DAD FAILED To Act”

She can stop pretending to care any time now because no one is buying her bullsh*t.

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President’s Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka took a minute from giving all of her attention to daddy to wish her mom a happy Mother’s Day. And it did not go well.

Even Mother’s Day wasn’t sacred enough to prevent the Trump family from ruining it, too, as Ivanka took to Twitter to awkwardly pay tribute to moms across the country, including her own.

Of course, there are many mothers who won’t even get virtual kisses from their children because they are locked in cages. Many mothers have also lost children to the coronavirus pandemic and vice versa.

Once again, another tone-deaf tweet from Ivanka was not received well by the American public.

She really should have done herself and the country a favor and kept her mouth shut. Instead, we got another Mother’s Day tainted by the Trumps.

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