Ivanka Seems To Remind Americans That She Thinks She’s An Important Government Official And Americans Clap Back

Look daddy, I'm governmenting!

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Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka took a moment on Twitter today to remind everyone that she considers herself some kind of an important government official. But from the tweets that followed, Americans strongly disagreed.

Last year, Ivanka attended the G-20 conference for some reason even though she is totally unqualified to represent the United States at official functions and is an unelected adviser who only has the position because of her daddy.

As the country struggles in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic recession, Ivanka wanted Americans to know that she thinks she is important.

Yeah, that did not go down very well as Americans responded by reminding Ivanka that she’s a product of nepotism who brought zero skills or experience to the White House. Furthermore, they reminded her that she was snubbed by world leaders at that very same conference.

Ivanka has no business being in the government at all, much less the White House. She’s been an insult to the American people and a laughingstock around the globe. She may believe that she’s important, but just about everyone else knows better.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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