Ivanka Trump Centerpiece Of Brutal New Anti-Trump Ad And She Should Be Ashamed Of Herself

She is shameful.

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There’s certainly no denying that the anti-Trump ads have been rolling in one right after another recently, as the November presidential election creeps closer and closer — And frankly, in my opinion, each one is rightfully more brutal than the last.

However, the newest one is definitely making waves among the American people who are fed up with this three-ring circus of an “administration” by honing in on what I believe to be the worst member of the Trump family to walk the earth — daddy’s little princess, Ivanka.

Just yesterday, the eldest Trump daughter released a video clip of herself bragging on her father as a “champion of the American worker” who “only hires the best” before going on to promote the idea of hiring new employees based on experience rather than education. (Let’s be honest here folks, the only “experience” Donald Trump gives a damn about is who was on Jeffrey Epstein’s island.)

Ivanka’s clip alone led to heaps of mockery from the social media crowd.

But the brutal criticism for her shameless promotion didn’t end there.

MeidasTouch PAC, an American political action committee formed in March of this year with the sole purpose of defeating Donald Trump in November, got a hold of Princess Nepotism’s clip and used it as the centerpiece of their scathing new anti-Trump ad that hit social media like a ton of bricks late last night — ultimately prompting the hashtag “ByeIvanka” to trend on Twitter.

The minute-long ad that focuses on Ivanka Trump’s rapid rise to a government position in her father’s administration, for which she has absolutely no experience, featured several other members of the Trump administration that were catapulted to high-profile positions, with a resounding lack of experience, for no other reason than their association with Donald Trump.

Honestly, nothing gives me more joy than to see Ivanka Trump as the target she deserves to be.

The hypocrisy can’t possibly get much stronger with this one, and to say that daddy’s spoiled little waste of a good trust fund should be ashamed of herself would be the understatement of the year.

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