J6 Committee Continues To Refuse To Share Their Evidence With The DOJ, But Their Reasoning May Actually Be Catastrophic News For Donald Trump And His People

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The investigations are mounting against scandal-ridden ex-President Donald Trump from just about every conceivable direction at this point — ranging from the Manhattan and New York District Attorneys who are looking into the former president’s family company, the Trump Organization, and their shady business practices, to the Grand Jury investigation that’s raging in the state of Georgia, as prosecutors probe his unlawful attempts to interfere in and overturn the 2020 presidential election in the state.

However, there is no denying that two particular investigations against the corrupt former Commander in Chief are the most prominent these days — the January 6th House Select Committee’s ongoing investigation into the infamous Capitol insurrection and Donald’s specific role in inciting the deadly violence on that fateful day, and the Biden Department of Justice’s burgeoning investigation into Trump’s decision to steal hundreds of highly-classified documents from the White House upon his departure and stash them away at his Mar-a-Lago home/resort, which ultimately crescendoed early last month with an FBI search and seizure warrant raid executed against the former guy’s Palm Beach compound.

In recent weeks, as both of those investigations begin to reach a crucial fever pitch, we have learned that, surprisingly enough, the January 6th House Select Committee has not been cooperative with requests from the US Justice Department to share the evidence they’ve amassed against the ex-president in an effort to assist and aide in the DOJ’s investigation into potential violations of numerous laws and regulations, including the Espionage Act.

While the Committee’s decision seems counterproductive at first glance and has certainly earned them a heaping helping of criticism among Americans who are sick to death of seeing Donald Trump get away with his crimes, recent reporting has begun to shed some light on the method behind the Panel’s madness, and it could shape up to be damning news for the former president and his people.

POLITICO now reports:

Recent moves by DOJ have raised questions about whether the select committee would simply hand over its mountain of materials to prosecutors to aid their investigation. But the panel’s lawmakers and aides insist they have no immediate plans to do so for three main reasons: avoiding any disruption to the upcoming Oath Keepers trial; neutralizing accusations from Trump allies that they’re conducting a law enforcement investigation in disguise; and protecting their work.”

“We’re not in competition with the Justice Department,” Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson has said on the matter. “We don’t want to interfere with anything that’s ongoing. We have information. We’ve just not engaged Justice at this point.”

I don’t know about you, but this certainly seems as though the J6 Panel might finally have the proverbial goods on Donald Trump.

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