J6 Committee Reportedly Set To Air Blooper Reel Of Donald Trump Struggling To Condemn His Mob Of Supporters In His Post-Riot Video Address During Today’s Public Hearing

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Just yesterday, we reported on the bombshell news from the Washington Post that the January 6th House Select Committee is set to air damning new video footage evidence during tomorrow’s primetime public hearing, as part of their ongoing and mounting investigation into the deadly January 6th Capitol attack and the corrupt ex-president’s personal role in inciting the fatal violence.

Now, the Post is out with more details and information on the aforementioned footage, reporting today that the J6 panel will air outtakes footage from Donald Trump’s infamous post-riot video address during this evening’s public hearing, in which the now-former president will reportedly be seen struggling and acting reluctant to condemn his mob of supporters over the violent Capitol insurrection.

The blooper reel will come straight from Trump’s now notorious speech that he delivered on video recording the day after the deadly Capitol attack perpetrated by his mob of violent supporters in the name of his Big Lie. That video-recorded speech served as the apparent first instance of Trump publicly committing to an “orderly transition” following Joe Biden’s presidential election win, though Trump continued to adhere to his unhinged claims of widespread fraud and cheating that ignited the violent Capitol siege in the first place.

But according to the Washington Post, it took several tries for Donald Trump to even complete the recorded address, resulting in numerous outtakes clips that show the then-president repeatedly refusing to concede that the election was over and he had lost and shows the recording dragging on and on as Donald blatantly struggled to even hold his mob of supporters accountable for their violent actions.

CNN has since corroborated the reporting on the matter from the Post, confirming that the January 6th Committee is in possession of those outtakes clips and is expected to publicly air that footage at this evening’s hearing.

From the Washington Post:

The public could get its first glimpse of outtakes from that recording Thursday night, when the committee plans to offer a bold conclusion in its eighth hearing: Not only did Trump do nothing despite repeated entreaties by senior aides to help end the violence, but he sat back and enjoyed watching it. He reluctantly condemned it — in a three-minute speech the evening of Jan. 7 — only after the efforts to overturn the 2020 election had failed and after aides told him that members of his own Cabinet were discussing invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.”

The focus of this evening’s hearing is slated to circle around Donald Trump’s blatant inaction against the violent Capitol attack and his supporters while the insurrection was taking place. Should these outtakes clips truly be aired tonight, they will serve as further cold, hard proof that Donald Trump had no desire to condemn or stop the violence that was taking place in his name.

Reporting also indicates that the House Committee is slated to argue that Trump wasn’t just reluctant to act against the violence during the Capitol siege, but was actually welcoming it as he watched it transpire in real time.

Read the full report from the Washington Post here.

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